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Conservation and Management of the Environment - Case Study Example

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This essay discusses that Conservation and management of the environment is an extremely crucial aspect of any organization; whether it is a manufacturing or a service industry. KTI is a manufacturing company, where volumes of wastes are released to the environment daily…
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Conservation and Management of the Environment
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Extract of sample "Conservation and Management of the Environment"

Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, her employer Carl Damon is not strongly into environmentalism. He gets excited and hopes that Jacquie would create awareness about the entire thing across the organization’s employees.
Jacquie Lipscomb’s interest was in the prevention of pollution which dated back to her school days. She used to track everything that happened to all the papers and came up with a recycling program that was implemented in the entire school. Thus, Jacquie was really encouraged by the company’s interest in conserving the environment. She got accustomed to all the operations at KTI and educated herself of all the outputs from the manufacturing procedures and designed ways through which the firm could reduce the release of harmful substances into the atmosphere.
Her work at KTI was remarkable and Carl, her boss, was really impressed with her performance at work. After about a year, Jacquie realized that the company has been selling its wastes to another company which never disposed of the wastes properly. This made her approach her boss for clarification. To her surprise, Carl disclosed how the implementation of environmental approaches made the firm’s interest to diminish. In addition, his response was clear that the strategies Jacquie had put in place were never supported. Jacquie felt deceived and wondered if the management is transparent with every operation in the company.
Jacquie has all the reasons to feel or rather conclude that Carl deceived her. Deceit has been a problem in companies for years. Thus, to cope with such situations in organizations, there are a number of actions that one should take. These actions are meant to make a person deal with the management which has lost its sight of vision and reality and failed to implement the strategies that are worth to the company, employees, environment and the entire society.
To start with, pinpointing the reason why managers sometimes lie is extremely crucial.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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