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Hughes rung in mind as I took one and half hours walk within the surrounding environment. I could remember her description of marine wildlife and the ecological characteristics of the region. In the trip, I confirmed that a marine ecosystem is rich in…
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Conservation 20/20 program: Matanzas and Historic Cottage
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Conservation 20/20 Program: Matanzas and Historic Cottage Conservation 20/20 Program: Matanzas Cottage Trip The lecture by Mrs. Hughes rung in mind as I took one and half hours walk within the surrounding environment. I could remember her description of marine wildlife and the ecological characteristics of the region. In the trip, I confirmed that a marine ecosystem is rich in biodiversity ranging from the always conspicuous mangroves, marine animals like the oysters and mullets. I took pictures to prove if the same biodiversity is present in similar marine ecosystems. The manner in which Mrs. Hughes handles her lectures leaves every student yearning for more knowledge through adventure. The lecturers knowledge on marine ecology stems from her role as the hostess of the historical cottage museum and a storyteller of Matanzas. My guess is that Mrs. Hughess old age explains her ecological, as conversations who believes that maintenance of historical cottages and attractions are environmental preservation initiatives.
Matanzas: Conservation 20/20 program overview
The Matanzas preserve locates within the Estero Island or the Fort Myers Beach. In 2006, Conservation 20/20 program acquired part of the island and converted it to the current Matanzas Pass Preserve (Lee County Conservation 20/20 Land, 2011). The acquisition shows how citizens with much environmental concern can lobby for the preservation of their natural diversity. The Nature Conservancy donated the protected areas to Lee County, an area where there is only the maritime oak community that has remained on the Fort Myers Beach. A point to note is that a mangrove forest separates the preserve from the Estero Bay Aquatic Preserve. In this case, there is a transitional region separating two ecosystems, and this drives my attention to some of the species that exists in the areas between island environments and estuaries. I took pictures of oysters, snails, mullets, mangroves, shellfish and rookies, wading birds, sea grass, sea turtles as proofs of the species that live on the border between estuarine and island ecosystems. Besides, the trip to Matanzas enlightened me on some of the importance mangroves as I noted their roles in buffering the island from the storms and medium waves and that they are actually tourists attractions as evident from the many nature trails winding through them.
Though it is my first time to hear visit nature preserves of this kind, I advocate using taxpayers dollar in conserving and protecting the environment. The implication is that ecosystems play significant roles in sustaining human existence in the mother earth by acting as habitats for many species, sources of genetic diversity, as well as providing food for the organisms. Human beings depend on nature as a source of freshwater, aesthetic value and raw materials for manufacturing goods and services. Conservation also implies that the government commits itself to reducing the effects of global warming.
Tayrona National Park in Colombia
If asked to choose a favorite outdoor place, am always quick to mention Tayrona National Natural Park in Colombia (Lee County Conservation 20/20 Land, 2011). I prefer the area because it has a high ecosystem biodiversity where a nature lover can enjoy a mountainous geography that transcends into the arid region. Despite its role as a nature preserve, I am impressed with the manner in which the management has controlled the conservative beach activities like hiking, snorkeling, and swimming. If left uncontrolled, the activities can be implications for the conservation efforts. However, I am not surprised about the existence of the spot next to Fort Myers beach because tourists come to enjoy nature preserves of which there are activities to help them enjoy the area. In my view, a destruction of the area is a loss of ecosystem diversity and an adverse impact on the regions economic development.
Lee County Conservation 20/20 Land, (2011). Matanzas Pass Preserve. Retrieved from Program Read More
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