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Conservation and environmental management - Assignment Example

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Energy facilities in the United States of America have adopted new methods of developing renewable energy by use of natural resources such as fossils, wind and solar energy. Continuous manipulation of these resources by methods like utility scale solar energy development (USSED)…
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Conservation and environmental management
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Download file to see previous pages ldlife Conservation and Solar Energy Development in the Desert Southwest article and evaluates the effects of USSEDO facility on wildlife and the environment (Lovich & Ennen, 2011, 982).
Paradoxically, the use of the natural renewable resources in large scale is no longer considered environmental friendly; it has conflicted with conservation to wildlife. These alternatives of energy sources have impacted further given the current biodiversity of the arid condition of the South west region.
Information published regards the potential effects and impacts direct and indirect of renewable energy on the wildlife. Several endangered species have been affected either directly or indirectly by the USSED. According to Kristan and Boarman area covered by Agassiz’s desert tortoise, is approximated to be 161,949 ha of land habituated has been affected directly by USSED. It has been further stated that an approximation of 769,230 ha has been affected given both direct and indirect impacts of the USSED (Lovich & Ennen, 2011, 983).
Common impacts of utility scale solar energy are majorly caused by construction and decommission of energy facilities. Construction involves the ground excavation and disturbance of endangered animal species found in this region. Another effect caused by USSED is through its operation and maintenance of solar facility. These are factors that arise as a result of operation of the facility in the environ neighboring which causes mortality of the wildlife.
Potential effects of construction and decommission of energy facility involve direct impacts of ground disturbance and indirect impacts of habitat loss and degradation of the wildlife. Construction activities in these wildlife inhabited areas causes large amount of dust emission while constructing road and other network in the region hence, causing environmental pollution. Mortality of Subterranean animals is directly affected by USSED. Activities involving movement of the motor vehicles entrap ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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