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Reviwe of an EIA system for major project - Assignment Example

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Like in other countries, Environmental Impact Assessment EIA in Australia began as a means to protect and improve environment and the quality of life (Elliot and Thomas, 2009). This indicates that governments adopt the process of Environmental Impact Assessment to safeguard…
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Reviwe of an EIA system for major project
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Download file to see previous pages A seemingly centralized mode of screening EIA system in Australia is of two approaches: (i) prescriptive or standardized approach—which entails running the EIA system through the defined legal and regulations guiding its usefulness for a particular project; (ii) discretionary or customized approach—the EIA system is screened based on the individual requirements by the project under consideration (EPA, 2009).
greenhouse gas emission would be used to demonstrate how assessment procedures are carried out. From July 1 2008, the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007 encourages companies to register and report their greenhouse gas emissions for the fiscal years of 2008-2009. They are expected to reveal the state of their emissions if:
(ii) Their corporate group emits 125 kilotonnes or more of greenhouse gases (CO2 equivalent), or produces or consumes 500 terajoules or more of energy to report to the Department of Climate change (Elliot and Thomas, 2009; Burgman, 2005).
For the fact that controlling the problem of climate change is the riskiest project for any government to undertake, it is imperative that the suitability of the procedures or processes for assessing for the applicability of EIA must be appropriate. According to the guideline provided by the Northern Territory Government’s Department of Natural Resources, Environment, the Art and Sport, the following outcomes are expected in principled if the processes are perfectly carried out:
The good news here is that all the observations highlighted above are meant to increase the sustainability of the environment through the reduction of greenhouse gases in the environment (Northern Territory Government, 2009).
Past experiences have demonstrated that there is a huge gap between the theories and physical practice in Environmental Impact Assessment. The EIA system chosen for this paper is the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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