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Environmental Auditing Strategy Proposal for Household Waste Recycling Centres - Assignment Example

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Environmental Auditing Strategy Proposal for Household Waste Recycling Centers Name Institution Course Date Executive summary The environmental auditing proposal addresses environmental issues, which will facilitate the audit process of company. This proposal will target waste collection, waste segregation and waste disposal…
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Environmental Auditing Strategy Proposal for Household Waste Recycling Centres
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Download file to see previous pages This incorporates employing various strategies, which embraces recycling of the available used resources. The strategies employed are more effective when they are cost cutting and conservative. Introduction Household waste recycling involves recovering useful materials, such as metals, glass, plastic and paper from trash and used to make new products thus reducing the amount of raw materials required. This helps in waste prevention; that is designing products to reduce the level of waste that is thrown away later hence making the resulting waste less toxic. Therefore, an environmental auditing strategy enables the client to adopt a cost effective and proportional to environment management. The environment audit process provides a substantial reduction in risk and improves compliance records. It is also used by the audit company in provision of data so that corporate headquarters and client’s company respond to environmental targets and pressures its resources appropriately (Benita, 2008). Proper management of environmental issues is significant to the success of the client’s company. Therefore, if household waste is properly, a project can derive substantial benefits through enhanced corporate reputation, improved efficiency and risk reduction. If there is ignorance, or ineffective management of environmental issues brings about adverse publicity, wasted money and also prosecution by the authority, as a result of abuse of opportunities. Environment audit includes mitigating your organization’s reputation and legal risks, reducing operational inefficiencies, achieving the certification required and improving the environmental performance of your organization. It also incorporates risk mitigation. Audits carried out in the environment act as an appropriate risk management tool in assessing compliance with legislating the environment hence, assisting your organization in avoiding risk of prosecution by the authority, and fines arising from potential environmental breaches. This is normally true in those circumstances where there exist hazardous polluting industries in the surrounding. Conducting an environmental audit will help in reassuring the client’s company and ensure that it is living up to the environmental standards. Environmental issues are both complex and varied and hence, for effective management it will need a combination of an effective, practical, understanding and an environmental technical expertise of the processes, practices and plans relates with the environment, economic and social factors. Therefore, environmental auditing is a form of environmental assessment and is a vital tool in determining and benchmarking environmental performances and risks. It is necessarily undertaken as part of risk management process, hence able to help the client in examining their current operations associated with environmental aspects, as well as taking note of the future trends so that they exploit them effectively. The overall aim of the study was to provide a clear view of how a city can meet the requirements of the waste option of its plan and hence, there should be a development of waste management plan. Research question/solution The proposal examines whether the audit company has a segregation procedure, employee awareness of the procedure used, and analysis of records regarding the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Environmental Auditing Strategy Proposal for Household Waste Recycling Assignment.
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