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The author of this essay "European Climate and Clean Energy Law and Policy" casts light on the energy laws and policies governing the generation of energy. It is stated that there are a set of policies that need to be formulated and later approved to be part of the Energy Policy Act of 2015.  …
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European Climate and Clean Energy Law and Policy
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Download file to see previous pages With the increment in the amount of energy that is used as the world population grows, it is important to have this kind of regulation so that majority of the companies that are providing energy indulge themselves into the renewable sources of energy and nonrenewable. This will help since these forms of energy do not get exhausted. One factor that is to be regulated when it comes to energy is on the production of various forms of nonrenewable energy that do not have preventive measures to the environment and the consumers in term of their health. This requires the energy generating companies not to have a lust for lucrative amounts of money from consumers but also care on the duration that these forms take while being used and their side effects (Elizabeth, Waelde, and Janeth, 2005).
It is important for the companies that are producing the various forms of energy to ensure that the kinds of energy that they are producing are environmentally friendly and that they do not pose any harm to the surrounding. Proper conservation and management of the environment are quite ideal since it is a habitat for several organisms that are also using the energy. Environmental protection begins with the effects of the energy that is produced itself, the gaseous emissions that are released during the production, and the liquid effluents too. It is also important to consider certain types of energy such as the water that is stored in the reservoir; it should not also pose environmental hazards too. Nobel peace prize winner Wangari Mathai used to say “If you destroy nature, nature will destroy you”. It is therefore in order to try and conserve the environment and all the resources and facilities that are within the environment regardless of the amount that is n the proximity, all count (Kim, 2013). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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