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Management Communication - Essay Example

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Because written communication skills are such an important part of the job, you pay close attention to application letters, particularly unsolicited letters from candidates who have taken the initiative to contact Zappos even without a job opening being posted. Based on the…
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Management Communication
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Extract of sample "Management Communication"

On the Job: Solving Communication Dilemmas at ZAPPOS Because written communication skills are such an important part of the job, you pay close attention to application letters, particularly unsolicited letters from candidates who have taken the initiative to contact Zappos even without a job opening being posted. Based on the following paragraphs, which of these four candidates has done the best job of capturing your attention and interest?
a. With 4.5 years of customer service experience, solid performance reviews, and a firm commitment to excellence, I trust I don’t sound overconfident when I say that I possess the qualities of a fine organization such as Zappos needs to help achieve its goals and objectives.
b. You do wacky, I do wacky, let’s make this happen.
c. Given your reputation for hiring the coolest cats in town, the big question is why the heck don’t I work there yet? I’m driven, way smarter than average, and would feel right at home in Vegas, baby!
d. In addition to being an enthusiastic Zappos’ customer, I am also a customer service professional myself. A brilliant idea came to me last week while I was having yet another satisfying moment with your customer support crew: I want to be part of the team that can create such positive experience for customers.
The fourth applicant has the most appealing application message that really attracts attention. The applicant has used words that touch on the current customer service at the company, being a loyal customer, and is already aware of the kind of service required f employees at the company.
2. You like to put applicants at ease right away, so you usually start interviews by asking an offbeat question to break the tension while also prompting the candidate to reveal something about his or her personality and knowledge. Which of these questions would you choose to start an interview?
a. Who is the most ridiculously demanding customer you ever encountered?
b. If we gave you a jetpack to fly all over town surprising customers with product deliveries, would you take the job?
c. Ever have one of those days when life seems like one endless job interviews?
d. So…buying that weekly lottery ticket has not worked out eh?
The most appropriate question to start an interview would be the one that aims at determining the level of commitment that an applicant is willing to demonstrate towards the job if selected. For instance, the question (b) suggests a tough task that can either attract negative response, a tactical answer, or completely positive one.
3. Zappos likes employees who can think on their feet, even when faced with outlandish questions and circumstances. Which of these questions would you use to judge a candidate’s ability to grasp a problem and begin developing a solution?
a. You are a scientist with the Environmental Protection Agency, specializing in toxic wastes from electronic products. You’re testifying before a congressional committee, and a senator wants to know how many mobile phone batteries will be thrown away in the next 10 years. Without access to any additional information, how would you start to construct an estimate of this number?
b. Guess how old I am.
c. Why do telephone numbers in movies and TV shows always start with 555?
d. How would you explain the concept of a human family to a creature from another planet?
Since Zappos is committed to building a family of satisfied customers and employees, a question on the concept of family would be more appropriate. Other questions like in © and (b) just test ability to arrive at the right answer without necessarily testing ability to come up with solutions to problems.
4. At the end of each interview, you make a point to ask candidates if they have any questions for you. Which of the following responses impresses you the most?
a. No. Thanks! I think am all set. You’ve done a wonderful job of answering whatever questions I might’ve come in with.
b. Oh, I don’t need to take any more of your time. I’m pretty good independent thinker. If I have any questions, I’ll just look you up online when I get back home.
c. Absolutely. Can you give me an inside scoop. Is this fun Zappos family environment stuff for real or just a show to impress people on the outside?
d. Yes, thanks. I do. Now that Amazon has acquired Zappos, do you think there will be opportunities to spread the Zappos spirit through the entire Amazon operation. Or is there a risk that Zappos spirit might be lost now that it’s part of a much larger company?
The most impressive answer is in (d). The applicant here indicates adequate knowledge about what is happening at the Company and demonstrates a strong readiness to work for the company. Additionally, words like ‘Zappos spirit’ are impressive and show that the applicant understands what it means to work at the Zappos.
Work Cited
Zappos. On the Job: Solving Communication Dilemmas at Zappos. Web. 17 November, 2013.‎. Read More
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Management Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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