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Management communication - memo - Assignment Example

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It is an inter-level choice because of one heading and use of white space to highlight points. It is also an extra-level choice because of using data displays of green blocks with information…
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Management communication - memo
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Extract of sample "Management communication - memo"

Management Communication - Memo Management Communication – Memo Memorandum Re: Page Design It is within the intra-level of design because of one type of font. It is an inter-level choice because of one heading and use of white space to highlight points. It is also an extra-level choice because of using data displays of green blocks with information being highlighted the bottom of the document. The document has used a grid of unreal columns to unify realistic elements. The document can be improved by utilizing headings to faction points, using more than one font, and color moderation (Carliner et. al., 2006).
Page Design 2: It is within the intra-level of design because of the one type of font. It is an inter-level choice because of one heading and use of white space to stress points. It is also an extra-level choice because of using information displays of green blocks with information being stressed the bottom of the document. The document has used a framework of imaginary columns to merge graphic elements. The document can be improved utilizing headings to set points, using more than one font, as well as color moderation (Glushko & McGrath, 2008).
Page Design 3: It is within the intra-level of design because of the use of different fonts and sizes, some in italics and others in bold. It is also an inter-level choice because of the different headings of different fonts and sizes. The document uses white space to accentuate points. It is also an extra-level choice because of using a colored picture at the centre of the document, and four other graphical pictures, which are black and white, evenly distributed within the document. The document is within the supra-level of document design because of the paper size change, grids that delineate the look of every section of the document. The document can be improved by utilizing one or two fonts, as well as using color highlights (Garcia, 2007).
Page Design 4: It is within the intra-level of design because of the use of one type of font in bold. It is an inter-level choice because of the dissimilar headings of different sizes. The document utilizes white space to highlight points. It is also an extra-level choice because of using a colored picture placed at the bottom center of the document. It is also within the supra-level of document design because of the, color formats, grids that describe the look of every section of the document. The document can be improved by using two fonts or less and putting important elements in the top left and lower right quadrants of the page (Carliner et. al., 2006).
Carliner, S et. al. (2006). Information and document design: Varieties on recent research. Amsterdam: J. Benjamins.
Garcia, M. (2007). The Relevance of Good Design. The Wall Street Journal.
Glushko, R. J., & McGrath, T. S. (2008). Document engineering: Analyzing and designing documents for business informatics & web services. Cambridge, Mass: MIT. Read More
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Management communication - memo Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words. Retrieved from
(Management Communication - Memo Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Management Communication - Memo Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Management Communication - Memo Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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