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Communication is one of the most important factors in human existence due to the fact that people inevitably need to convey concepts and thoughts both vocally or through written manner to be able to understand each other. The objective of this paper is to analyze an episode of a…
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The impertence of communicationing
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Principles of Communication: The Impertence of Communicationing Communication is one of the most important factors in human existence due to the fact that people inevitably need to convey concepts and thoughts both vocally or through written manner to be able to understand each other. The objective of this paper is to analyze an episode of a television show Better Off Ted which is entitled Impertence of Communicationing. The title of the episode even depicted one problem which can happen when people misunderstand the written words.
The Communication Issues
The episode of Better Off Ted presented different issues related to communication. One is the first scene wherein Ted greeted Debbie who is always nervous and cannot express herself around him. This can be related to Socrates’ second principle which is about knowing your audience (Socrates, p.5). In this case Ted according to a co-worker, Linda, is very self-centered. This is one of the problems in communication, when people do not know how to listen. Communication can only be effective when one party is listening to what the other is saying and take turns in doing so.
Another important issue that can be pointed out in the episode is the use of one form of communication and understanding the errors related to the use of this way of communication. According to the third Principle of Communication presented by Socrates, one must master the medium of communication that he or she chooses (Socrates, p.8). In this case, the company chose to use a company-wide memo system to reach the employees and tell them the different updates in terms of the company’s policies and rules. In this case, the management did not impose and stress the importance of communicating the message accurately. A simple typographical error can change the meaning of a memo completely and can cause misunderstanding. The scenario presented by the TV show resulted to ethical issues since the memo is requiring the company employees to say bad words to each other. Aside from being a negative form of communication, this is against ethical principles projected for the common good (Ethical Principles, p.10).
Remedies and Solutions
In terms of the two issues, it is important to take into consideration the lessons presented by Socrates. No matter what era, the 7 Principle of Communication can still be effective. With regards to the first issue, which is about knowing the audience or the listeners, the solution presented in the program is to be more open to audience which in this case is the employees. It is important even for entertainers and speakers to know the audience to be able to effectively convey the topic. This is one of the basic rules in communication. In this case, it is important for the boss to know his or her employees to be able to motivate them and achieve their optimum job performance. One example is Debbie, who can only express herself in chosen situations.
The other issue is about the use of memo which resulted to different ethical issues and miscommunication problems. The important solution is to impose a strict rule in typing the memo. In this case, there should be people assigned to check memos to be able to have a checking system that will see to it that information written in such an important company communication medium are accurate. In addition, for illogical memos such as the one requiring employees to do mundane and unethical activities should be given immediate solution. It is even questionable how something like that can even circulate in a company in real life situations.
In conclusion, medium of communication should be one of the most important priorities in professional setting where errors in communication and conveying of information can have detrimental effects in the company’s performance. In addition ethical issues can also affect the performance and the behavior of the employees and the people within the company.
Notes: Ethical Principles.
Notes: Socrates Seven Principles of Communication.
Steele, C.M. (2011). Whistling Vivaldi: How Stereotypes Affect Us and What We Can Do (Issues of Our Time). W. W. Norton. Read More
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