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Communication is the means by which ideas, thoughts, and general information are passed from one party to another. It is also the exchange of information through writing, speaking or any other medium. Some experts note that…
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Communication Skill Assessment
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Communication Skill Assessment Communication Skill Assessment Communication as it is a vital part of our daily lives. Communicationis the means by which ideas, thoughts, and general information are passed from one party to another. It is also the exchange of information through writing, speaking or any other medium. Some experts note that communication has a lot to do with the successful passing of feelings and thoughts. If communication is not done the right way, effects can be detrimental to a person or organization as stated by Foneris (2002). Some of the effects of poor communication include: low productivity especially when goals are not relayed properly; low morale that comes from misunderstanding of tasks leading to confusion that may have effects on self esteem; and mistakes that come from misunderstanding. Communication skills are the ability to pass information in away that is effective and efficient to others. People with good verbal and written communication skills are instrumental to organizations as they help relay information for the company’s benefits (Business, 2014).
Assessment tool
Upon taking a communications skill assessment test on, I got a score of 55 points. According to the assessment, I am not an excellent communicator and neither am I a bad one. The score meant that I am a good communicator but still have problems in a few areas (Mind Tool, 2014). The test had a total of fifteen multi-choice questions/statements that had to be responded to by marking inside a circle. The possible answers would range from not at all, rarely, sometimes, often to very often (Mind Tool, 2014).
The first statement dealt with how confusion is handled in terms of ability to predict their causes and solutions even as the second covered the amount of information given when working with written information including memos and emails. The third and the forth statements dealt with reactions when something is not understood. The fifth and sixth dealt with perspective and perception. The issue of written information is covered in the seventh and the eighth statements; here the focus is mainly whether consideration is made to use emails to effectively communicate. It also deals with whether revision is considered when dealing with written medium such as memos and reports. Gestures and illustrations are dealt with under the ninth and tenth statements. Here it is a matter of paying attention to people’s body language and use of diagrams and charts to express thoughts. The next three statements dealt with meditation before communication, what the person being communicated to needs to know and how to frame the idea being communicated. It also covers considerations given towards the best means to send messages. The last two statements handle how to deal with misconceptions, and barriers that come with cultural differences (Mind Tool, 2014).
Communication Gaps
From the detailed interpretation of the assessment, some of the communication gaps that rose can be summed up into breaching of communication process. The normal steps of communication begin from the source, through a channel to a receiver with possibility of feedback. Between the source and the channel there is encoding and between the channel and the receiver is decoding (Mind Tool, 2014). At the source more needs to be done in terms of thinking of what information to give and how to give it to avoid wasting time trying to pass unnecessary information. Too much talking and writing may lead to confusion to the receiver. Most information is passed without consideration of the recipient’s perspective leading to part of the information being lost. When writing, effort should be made to see that information is passed in the best way to maintain the sender’s original intentions (Mind Tool, 2014).
Additional training
From the detailed interpretation and the communication gap, it is clear that I need to do more to in aligning the steps of communication. I therefore need extra training on areas that deal with encoding of the message in a way that it can best be understood. I also need training on how to improve my emails and speeches.
Improvement on current skills
One way to improve on my communication skills is to show appreciation to others. This can be done especially, in cases where people have given their time and contribution in the process (Scuderi, 2013). This shows respect and honor to participants. I also need to be positive, avoid complaining, and avoid negativity which may lead people to switch off in the process of communication. Listening plays a crucial part in communication; people do not like being interrupted when speaking. Listening also helps in seeing the other person’s point of view as you keep an open mind. Listening can also be double up with follow ups and feedback requests (Scuderi 2013). This helps you know whether both parties are on the same wavelength in terms of communication.
Communication is not just about the person passing the information, but the message, channel, and the recipient as well. It is also not just about what but how you communicate. Between the source and the channel there is encoding where information is put in the best way it can be understood. Unnecessary information should be avoided to help the recipient focus better; it should be kept simple and also short. Between the channel and the recipient is decoding, if encoding is poorly done and a wrong channel is used then there could be misconception and miscommunication.
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