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Kuder - Assignment Example

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I thought, here was a clear and systematic outline of my strengths and weaknesses that could prove as the cornerstones of my future. I understand that I cannot objectively come up with the same data on…
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Extract of sample "Kuder"

Reflection Paper My initial reaction as I looked at my Kuder Assesment result was excitement. I thought, here was a clear and systematic outline of my strengths and weaknesses that could prove as the cornerstones of my future. I understand that I cannot objectively come up with the same data on my own as I would be constrained with personal bias and the limitations of the first person point of view. Thereafter, I began to analyze their validity according to my self-knowledge. For the most part, the results were accurate. They speak of an individual oriented towards service and engagement with other people. These reflect my personality as well as my upbringing. I have always been an individual who is ready to help and would not think it impossible to advance the interest and welfare of others above my own or in the interest of the greater good.
In looking at specific variables in the result regarding the potential industries that I would thrive in, I realized that these are aligned with what I have been interested early on. For instance, I got high marks on health science. This was not really surprising because I have always been interested in biology in high school. I could still remember promising to be a doctor after we viewed a video lesson about avian flu and the impact of an epidemic on people. The focus of my extracurricular activities also reflected my interest in areas such as communication, technology and relationship with people.
There are certain areas in the result that perplexed me a little. I scored high in education and training yet I did poorly in hospitality and tourism industries. The reason for this is that I have been considering a career in the latter cluster since I do like to cook and I am curious about the hospitality industry whereas the academe has not entered my mind as yet. But when I saw my work values I sort of understood this part. I am quite independent with a deep hunger for accomplishment: that is, I had to know and feel that I am doing something meaningful and important not just for others but also for the society. This thought also helped me understand why – according to the assessment - I might not excel in managerial and administrative positions. My ethnic background sets great importance to management position and those around me tend to believe that it is one of the ultimate objectives of any career, to be the boss. I found that I will be more successful elsewhere.
With all the information I have from the Kudder and Work Values assessments, I feel I am more in the position to choose the correct major for me as opposed to selecting a major based on the pressure of those around me or a passing interest. I am now leaning towards health science and human services as a priority. Otherwise, I might choose to major in communications or Marketing. Certainly, I need more time and opportunity to decide, which major I will eventually take. But the assessments have taken me a step closer to this objective. Read More
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