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Hire With your Head - Essay Example

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The hiring process has a direct bearing on an organization both financially and general productivity. It is not only the cost of hiring process but also other costs including subsequent downtime, lost business, re-training, lower productivity, detrimental impact, and most importantly the cost of termination…
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Hire With your Head
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Download file to see previous pages Additionally, there are also legal costs and ethical considerations any organization might face due to a poor hiring process. It, therefore, is imperative to make the process as perfect as possible through asking the right question, testing the correct skills and ascertaining the best qualifications. In ordinary situations, finding good people that match expectations prove difficult. As a result, most organizations stumble to the ground despite having qualified individuals (Alder 178). All these problems point back to the hiring process, which might be expensive with regards to opportunity and money. In this light, the paper takes a deep insight at chapter 6 of Lou Alder’s book Hire with your head.
• Evidently, Lou Alder is a senior corporate executive experienced in finding, evaluating, hiring and assimilating new employees into the work environment. Through his book Hire with your head, a systematic approach prevails for discovering and bringing on board new employees of exceptional skills and productivity. Notably, the hiring process is complicated by Alders book simplifies the continuous process.
• Interviewers often mistake the first candidates and approve them for the strategic positions. In essence, Alder regards, these simple mistakes as serious hiring problems that retain the wrong candidates while the right candidates face expulsion. The first interview is an avenue for collecting information and not a decision-making platform. Any interview that induces choice of options at the first stage stagnates or change the hiring process.
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Hire With Your Head Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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