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European Cinema film analysis project/ aka film treatment - Essay Example

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Sean is seated in front of the computer and working on a Java program. Sean’s room is full of gadgets including 65-inch LCD Television, Wii gaming console, even digital dustbin, along with the photos…
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European Cinema film analysis project/ aka film treatment
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Download file to see previous pages What is life, without any adventure? I am sure, going out on adventures will help us to explore and experience many new things, which will surely broaden our mind and optimize our thought process
Have food to energize and fire ‘your CPU ‘…Mom’s food smells good. I think today is Mom’s special Vegetarian lasagna with a green salad and garlic bread. Hurry up, or she will be absorbed in her favorite show, Kitchen Nightmares on FOX.
SEAN in the SR position with the camera behind him, after hitting F6 (shot is cut to get a close up of the computer keyboard) to save the program raises the voice so Kevin who is having dinner in the adjacent dinning room could hear:
Why do you not trust me? You only said that every one should have some form of adventure in their lives. And if they continuously live and stay within the confines of four walls working on their books and computers, they will surely suffer a mental breakdown. Are there are different rules for Jeff and for me?
Sean, you are talking about mental breakdown, but my main concern is what if some physical problems occur to you during the ride. As I have been repeatedly telling you, the ride through the Grand Canyon will not be a pleasant affair. The climate will be extreme, the road will not be even and comfortable all the time, and we may have to take shortcuts in potholed and dusty roads. We may have spent our nights in the open, without any protection and be ready to run when there is a danger….
(The camera is fully behind both the characters, with the shot set to focus the full room from the top roof to ground flower, revealing on what Sean has been sitting. As Sean utters these words, he strongly thumps the hand rest of his wheelchair. As Sean sits on the wheelchair and takes the CS, it is clear that he is a disabled person, unable to walk normally)
Ever since my spinal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(European Cinema Film Analysis Project/ Aka Film Treatment Essay)
European Cinema Film Analysis Project/ Aka Film Treatment Essay.
“European Cinema Film Analysis Project/ Aka Film Treatment Essay”, n.d.
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