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Career and Employibility - Essay Example

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Personal Development Portfolio Goals Action Success Criteria Target Date To solicit graduation affiliated to a 1st class degree or at the least with a 2:1 rating To be regular and prompt with my classes and course presentation. To focus on the very fundamentals of the concepts and disciplines being pursued by me…
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Career and Employibility
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Extract of sample "Career and Employibility"

Download file to see previous pages This degree will also furnish me with the skills that will enable me to function efficiently and optimally in the organizations I work in the future. The third year will be completed in June 2013 To solicit a job in some reputed and big firm like Microsoft, Apple, HSBC, Google, Toyota, etc. To be willing to be mobile while hunting for jobs and to be willing to work at places which do full justice to my aspirations and skills, either in the UK or in some other country. To draft a perfect and practical CV and covering letter by procuring the services of some good professional organization. To proactively look for job opportunities in prestigious companies located across the world. To prepare for the interviews by seeking help of my teachers and colleagues. To actively engage in online tests designed by the professionals affiliated to placement firms. I am quite confident that once I manage to come out with an engaging CV and covering letter and submit it to the selected companies, I will definitely get calls for interviews and assessments. Besides, the pains I will take in drafting my CV and covering letters and the hard work I put in the preparation for my interviews and assessments, this will bolster my chances of ending up with a desirable job in a good concern. Also, the hard work I have already put in grasping the conceptual aspects of my course and in understanding their practical ramifications, I am sure I will be able to meet any professional responsibility that will be assigned to me. November 2012 till January 2014 To make out time for participating in the real time businesses being carried on by my family members in the UK, to try to acquire the organizational skills, which will strengthen my theoretical knowledge and to seek a firsthand experience as to how businesses operate To dedicate a minimal of 12-15 hours helping some family member engaged in a business in the UK. To so organize my schedule that it may not hamper my studies. To work hard for the acquisition of organizational skills, to actively engage with the customers at least on weekends and also to study the strategies being pursued by the competitors so as to be able to understand how consumer choices and expectations have a direct influence on the way businesses operate. Once I acquire multiple skills through my degree and by practically engaging in family businesses, I am confident that this will not only hone my career possibilities, but will also enable me to graduate to running my own business in the near future. These efforts will hone the entrepreneurial skills lying dormant within me. This practical engagement in a family business will facilitate me with skills and abilities in varied aspects of the business world and will also help me thoroughly understand as to how capitalist economies and markets work. June 2013 Engaging experiences; The very process of seeking employment in a big company like Microsoft or Google will not only directly help my career prospects, but will also allow me to seek higher positions in comparatively upstart companies expected to do well in the times to come. First and foremost to seek a placement in a big and reputed firm to bolster my brand appeal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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