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Subject: Business Management Topic:Discuss the importance of effective communication within an organisation - Essay Example

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Where ten years ago, there was minimal focus on the uses of effective communication in a workplace, today it has become vital to the well…
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Subject: Business Management Topic:Discuss the importance of effective communication within an organisation
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Extract of sample "Subject: Business Management Topic:Discuss the importance of effective communication within an organisation"

Download file to see previous pages Effective communication has an impact on every aspect of the workplace, both positively and negative and so it has now become a necessity (Caputo, 2003, pp. 20-27).
In an organization, with its many tiers of hierarchy, tens, and hundreds of employees (depending on the size and structure of the organization), it is essential for commands and messages to be sent back and forth. The bigger the organization, the more difficult this task becomes, and the bigger the organization, the more important it is to ensure effective communication. Means of communication include phone calls, meetings, text messages, emails, and memos. With all the possible means available, one would think that communication would be very effective today, but studies and surveys show otherwise. Both leaders and subordinates agree that there are misunderstandings and lapses in communication that affect the productivity of an organization. Sometimes, these problems arise from overusing a certain mode of communication. For example, studies showed that in 2011, employees received on average 75 emails a day and sent 37 (Adair, 2011, pp. 42-50). When so many emails are sent back and forth, important details can be overlooked or misread, and so communication is far from effective in these scenarios.
Moreover, many companies also agree that meetings have become burdensome for both, the employees and the leaders of an organization. We live in an era where it can be seen that every company and organization conducts several meetings per week, it has become so commonplace that it seems that it really is the most effective way of communication, but surveys, once again, show otherwise. While meetings are useful in bringing all the employees together and creating an environment where ideas and critique can be exchanged, at times, they can be redundant and counter-productive, wasting time without actually achieving anything significant. For instance, oft-times, many ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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