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Business communication plays an important role in the success and development of an organization. This business report aims at highlighting the importance and relevance of business communication in the success of Billabong, a clothing company that is known for selling surfwear and accessories all across the world. …
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Report on RIP CURL
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Download file to see previous pages The report aims at comparing the business communication process of Billabong with Rip Curl, one of the leading organizations selling gifts items in different parts of the world. The business communication process of both organizations is on the similar line because of the impact of globalization and wide arrays of consumers across the world.
Over the years, online communication has changed the communication by making it fast and affordable for the masses. It has also helped in reaching consumers of different parts of the world in an effective manner. It needs to be understood that both organizations have been operating in same economies. The Australian economy has been doing well and is considered as one of the highly sustainable economies. Australia has been considered as a hot tourist spot helping Billabong and Rip Curl to be successful in the past as well as in the present.
Rip Curl can be considered as a primitive organization with strong focus on direct communication. It has a great mixture of conventional and modern approach towards communication. The information was garnered from wide arrays of sources and resources like journals, website and newspapers that confirmed the communication approach raising problems. Overall, it can be assumed that the organization can only be successful through effective business strategies embedded with an honest and transparent mode of communication. (Roger. (1997) Chap ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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