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Summarizing an Article - Essay Example

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[Course] Article Summary: Research This paper aims to critically evaluate and analyze the article “Con?rmation in Couples: Communication about Weight Management: An Analysis of How Both Partners Contribute to Individuals’ Health Behaviors and Conversational Outcomes” by Rene M…
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Summarizing an Article
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Download file to see previous pages Three different research questions were taken into consideration. In the first hypothesis, the authors made an assumption that the acceptance from partner was due to different reasons and had an association with some elements either positive or negative; Either the fact relates positively with the effectiveness of the participants weight management communication or secondly the participant’s satisfaction is positively associated with their conversations regarding weight management. In another assumption a negative association was predicted with the participant’s conflict regarding weight management. While the second last and last assumption had a positive relationship with the participant’s healthy eating habits and their amount of exercise (Dailey, Romo and Thompson). In the second hypothesis the challenge from partner was considered (1) to have a positive relationship with the effectiveness of participant’s weight management communication, (2) to be positively associated with participant’s satisfactions regarding conversations on weight management, (3) to have a negative relationship with participant’s conflict regarding management of weight, (4) to be positively associated with healthy eating habits of participants, and (5) to have a positive association with the amount of exercise participants perform (Dailey, Romo and Thompson). ...
agement conflict, (4) healthy eating habits, and (5) duration of exercise in a way that it should illustrate the relationship between one element and its results which will rise with raised levels of second element (Dailey, Romo and Thompson). All the three hypothesis assumed three different questions however, all three were aligned with each other. B- Methodology / Approach / Sampling: For this research methodology the researchers have adopted the quantitative method. The researchers have selected a normative sample of 200 adults. The sample was adequately divided into 50% males and 50% females. The 100 couples were selected through proper recruitment approach in a Southwestern area of United States. The recruitment was done through proper advertisements in websites, and through flyers at gyms, coffee shops, and local health clubs. Questionnaires were given to the couples and a duration of 60 – 65 minutes were given to them to complete the survey. The data was collected through conversations between the couples regarding health and weight management. The data gathered through the conversations were assessed through a measure adapted from Hecht. However, 7- points Likert scale was also used to assess the elements of research. There are two controlled variables used in the research by the researchers; how often the partners have had conversations regarding weight management and to what extent they wanted to stay healthy and how significant was health to them (Dailey, Romo and Thompson). C- Results / Findings: The results obtained were tested through APIM. The method was used to answer the degree of interdependence between partners in couples regarding weight management. However, multi-level modeling was also used to assess the results. However, MLM were significantly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Summarizing an Article Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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