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Management Communication - Essay Example

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Given this situation where the editor has always made certain changes to my article which in my opinion do not have any significance at all, the best way to resolve it is by approaching her amicably. This option will enable me to understand her reasons for editing my work and…
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Management Communication
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Extract of sample "Management Communication"

On The Job: Solving Communication Dilemmas at Rosen Law Firm: P57 & 58 Question one b) Approach her in personand ask her if there is anything about your writing style that she finds unclear. That will open a conversation in a non confrontational way.
Given this situation where the editor has always made certain changes to my article which in my opinion do not have any significance at all, the best way to resolve it is by approaching her amicably. This option will enable me to understand her reasons for editing my work and probably advise me on proper improvements in future to avoid sections of my work being changed. This will avoid any scuffle which may involve the boss as we will hold our discussions amicably.
Question two
a) Give the team a task of healing itself without getting involved directly. Explain the steps necessary in forming an effective team and let them figure out how to make it happen.
The fact that the team has been efficient in the past and has only started showing signs of laxity show that the team has the potential to be productive. I believe in this case, the best way to rejuvenate the team is through team building. This will help the team identify their strengths and weaknesses both as a group and as individuals and learn how to overcome the weaknesses while maximizing on their strengths. Following this option will help the team become even more functional and efficient than it was before.
Question three
C) Set up a white board and write down each issue that is raised. After you have compiled a list over a week or so, add a problem solving segment to each meeting, in which you and the team tackle each issue per meeting to determine the scope of each problems and identify possible solutions.
This option is the best in my opinion because it will help accommodate everyone’s views and will also enable us to solve problems in a harmonious way. By creating a segment for problem solving, we shall be able to conduct our meetings with a lot of order and manage to handle emerging issues amicably as well.
Question four
C) Candidate C: A woman who closed the notebook she was scanning in order to help candidate B he was having with his mobile phone.
I would fall for this candidate because I believe she posses the qualities that would make her be a top paralegal, her dress code notwithstanding. The work of a paralegal involves a lot of social interactions, offering assistance and dealing appropriately with clients and other employees. For her manner of dressing, I would advise her appropriately during the interview in order for her to fit in her new role.
Part Two: Learning objectives
Question 1
C) Teams achieve a higher level of performance than individuals because they involve more input and more diversity of views, which often tends to result in better decision making.
Question 5
a) A team should first agree on the projects goals proceeding to do any planning, researching or even writing. In this way, they will have a picture of how they want the project to be and where they intend to reach which the project and will guide the group in all their work throughout the project.
On The Job: Solving Communication Dilemmas at IBM: P85
Question one
d) Assign several other programmers the task of pitching in to take care of her documentation chores.
This option will relieve her of her worries and problems with the English language and will ensure she concentrates on what she does best in her programming role. This will lead to better program development through teamwork.
Question two
c. structure work assignments and other activities in ways that bring people from various cultural groups into regular contact with one another and make them more dependent on one another as well.
This will enable people from various ethnic groups to appreciate others from different ethnical groups and build great working and professional relationships amongst themselves for their own goods and for the good of the whole firm.
Question 3
d) Talk privately with him and make him understand the importance of working in groups and teams, while in the process I will try to find out why he dislikes working with others when he is a good performer.
This is the best option for me because it enables me to kill two birds with the same stone. By engaging him in the conversation, I will be able to understand his reservations for preferring to work alone and also encourage him to overcome his fears and make him feel comfortable in group and team work.
Question 4
I will go for this option because it enables me to get the message across in a more concise and clear, and professional manner. This will be a significant shift from the use of humor in my previous memos which only lead to confusion.
Works Cited
Pauley, Judith A., and Joseph F. Pauley. Communication: the Key to Effective Leadership.
Milwaukee, Wis. ASQ Quality, 2009. Read More
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