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Communicating for Results - A Guide for Business - Essay Example

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This paper "Communicating for Results - A Guide for Business" focuses on the fact that there is this incident way back in school that the author always remembers for the impact it had on him as a manager. The lecturer was already in class when students who were late hurried into the classroom. …
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Communicating for Results - A Guide for Business
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Extract of sample "Communicating for Results - A Guide for Business"

The students were possibly held by unavoidable situations elsewhere. Secondly, I also thought that at least have made an effort to make it to class, they should have been allowed to go over the whole session before seeing the lecturer in camera to explain themselves.

Nowadays as a manager, I have come to understand that everything happens for a reason and that man is prone to error. What is important in whatever situation as a manager is to have a listening ear. It is important to allow subordinates to express themselves every time there is a crisis. This helps one to first have a grasp of the reasons behind whatever action has been taken by employees. Listening is a human virtue. It is central to managerial principles and has thus been central to my managerial style too. As per Hamilton (2010: Pg. 12 ) allowing two-way communication in the organisation also helps forestall potential fallouts in future as one is able to come up with preventive mechanisms
One thing I know for sure is that listening works miracles even in situations that seem so bad. Dialogue is the key to survival in the current competitive world. It is what all the business moguls have used across all ages. Dale Carnegie has advocated for it so have Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie among many others. So as manager I know I have discovered my tool and I can attest to the enormous impact this has had on my operations. I now shun highhandedness and value dialogue and respect for my subordinates.
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