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It involves the interviewer asking the candidate questions. While this is taking place, the interviewer minutes the responses and observations made from the applicant. At the tail end of the…
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Examine protocols for the interview process
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Protocols for the interview process Common types of interviews The common types of interviews most employers use during selection of new employees include:
Structured interview- This type of interview is guided by a list of questions. It involves the interviewer asking the candidate questions. While this is taking place, the interviewer minutes the responses and observations made from the applicant. At the tail end of the interview, the collected information and observations are reviewed to ascertain the suitability of the candidate based on the skills and qualities presented.
Panel interview- It is also called group interview. The selection procedure involves the participation of two or more people. In a number of instances, a group of interviewers meet with a group of interviewees in the same room. Each applicant is given a time slice to respond to the questions asked.
Behavioral interview- It is based on discovering how the applicant behaved in the past employment. This interview method depends on the assumption that the past experience and performance will most probably predict the future performance of the prospective employee. In this type of interview, the employer already has in mind the kind of skills needed for the job and will therefore ask questions to determine whether the candidate has those skills. The success of any applicant will depend on the precedent behaviour.
Working interview- This is where the interview involves the applicant being given a task to perform and watched with a view of determining ability to perform such a task. Information is then gathered, analyzed and a final decision arrived at based on the findings.
Stress interview- This is a case where some interviewers intentionally try to induce stress with a view of establishing interviewee’s ability to withstand stressing situations. This can be done by using several approaches for instance, by not accepting something said by the applicant as true or by firing questions to the applicant.
Open-ended interview -This type of interview uses an open ended question that requires a more comprehensive response along with an explanation and justification from the interviewee. It eliminates direct responses such as yes or no, right or wrong.
Preparing for a job interview
Before appearing for any interview it is worthwhile to research some facts about the company on areas such as company operations, markets and challenges facing the company. Some of the vital information needed may include among others; the goods or services sold or offered the number of branches and offices, existing markets and its potential room for expansion. This gives the interviewee confidence to face the interviewers and answer questions as required. The information about the company can be sought from libraries or their websites.
Interviewing for Success
A number of factors contribute to success during an interview: A positive impression before and during the interview is very important. Employers always tend to employ candidates who make first positive impression. It is important to note that, before meeting the prospective employers make contact with those close to the employer especially those who work in the company. Keeping time enables you get to the venue of interview as required, grooming nicely and using appropriate waiting room etiquette can as well work miracles for you. During the interview give a compact hand shake and maintain eye contact, sit properly. Body behaviours such as unnecessary body movements and mannerisms that distract attention should be avoided at all costs. Salary issues should be discussed in a manner that will not compromise on the good impression at the start of the interview.
Follow up after an interview
It is very important to follow up the result of the interview with a written message for example a message of inquest in case of a delay in response, communication of acceptance in case you were successful and happen to accept to start working and a letter of waning job offer for whatever reason among other correspondence.
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