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Importance Of The Communication Models To Marketers - Case Study Example

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Communication must be done in an understandable manner. The paper "Importance Of The Communication Models To Marketers" describes the basic communications model and two-step communications model, the importance of the two models to marketers, and the differences between them…
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Importance Of The Communication Models To Marketers
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Extract of sample "Importance Of The Communication Models To Marketers"

Download file to see previous pages The basic communications model illustrates that communication must involve a sender and a receiver (Hamilton, 2010: 4). It is important to note that the communication can be two way, meaning both the sender and the receiver can send and receive information concurrently. For the sender to relay information to the receiver, there must be stimulus and motivation (Hamilton, 2010: 4). In terms of stimulus, thought process must be spurred for an individual to have the urge to share information. The sender must also be motivated to share the information. It is not uncommon to find people reluctant to engage themselves in discussions regardless of their familiarity with the subject under discussion. This happens due to lack of motivation to share their opinions or ideas. For instance, if sharing ideas will result in a promotion in the workplace, then people will be motivated to communicate.
Basic communication also involves encoding and decoding of information. Encoding denotes "The process of putting a message into the form in which it will be communicated" (Hamilton, 2010: 5) while decoding refers to "The process the receiver goes through in trying to interpret the meaning of a message" (Hamilton, 2010: 5). For example, encoding involves the sender deciding the kind and nature of expressions to use, tone, and illustrations to aid the receiver comprehend the message. In relation to decoding, the receiver may reflect on the gravity and impact of the message. The basic communication model also considers the background and knowledge of both the sender and receiver, referred by Hamilton (2010: 6) as the frame of reference. Factors such as ethnicity, cultural ideals, mind-sets, and individual qualities may affect the encoding and decoding of the message. The message must also be sent through a channel or medium such as Email or radio (Hamilton, 2010: 6). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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