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Case study - PowerPoint Presentation Example

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In the age of globalisation, it is very important to have a motivated pool of human resources as they are the most valuable assets of an organization (Pieper, 1990, p.1). For all the three organisations, different type of employee behaviour is desirable. In Benchill & Sons, the…
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Case study presentation
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Extract of sample "Case study"

Matching HRM and Competitive Strategies Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Employee Behaviour and Attitude 3 Human resource Practices 3 Matching HR Strategy to Company Strategy 4
Employee Behaviour and Attitude
In the age of globalisation, it is very important to have a motivated pool of human resources as they are the most valuable assets of an organization (Pieper, 1990, p.1). For all the three organisations, different type of employee behaviour is desirable. In Benchill & Sons, the employees should be given a clear understanding of tasks that they need to carry out to bring out the desired behaviour of performing the routine tasks (Briscoe, Schuler & Claus, 2008, p.75-78). In Speke Furnishings, on the other hand, the employees should be rewarded to encourage them to perform at their best. This will help motivate employees such that they take up their tasks as responsibilities and not routine work (Adams, 1997, p.50-58). Thorntree should use training and development within the organisation to boost the employee morale and creativity (Fox, 2007, p. 22-32).
Human resource Practices
The management in Benchill should adopt a top-down approach and, hence, it should be an authoritative culture in the company (Durai, 2010, p.119). The human resource practices that managers in Speke Furnishing should aim for will be Succession planning and performance appraisal to keep the employees always on their toes (Kleiman, 2003, p.14-18).
In Throntree the management should aim at creating a diverse workforce and also allow them creative freedom so that they are able to bring new ideas to the table (Deb, 2006, p.77). The HR practices should reward the employees by giving both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation (Armstrong, 2006, p.21-28). The reward system should also be linked to a fair appraisal system that would help generate greater transparency (Jennifer, 2009, p.258). Career development plans should also be introduced so as to improve the learning curve of the employees and also to generate job satisfaction (Aamodt, 2012, p.330-336). This is important because job satisfaction is directly linked to employee motivation (Madura, 2006, p.373-375). Steps should also be taken to create a flat organizational hierarchy that allows greater ease in communications and prevents grapevine communications in the organization (Hamilton, 2010, p.40-41).
Matching HR Strategy to Company Strategy
The HR strategy in case of all the three companies will be very different from each other. Different concepts of human resource practices need to be adopted by all the three. People, as we know, are very critical for the success of every organisation and serve as the backbone for achieving the purpose of the company (Enz, 2010, p.721). Every company should design their organisational culture keeping in mind the goals of the organisation and the amount of flexibilities that need to be given to an employee to achieve those (Robbins, 2009, p.185). Thorntree, for example, needs to adopt a performance oriented culture and, hence, should match it accordingly by motivating employees using suitable rewarding methods (Sansone, 2000, pp.3-4). Speke Furnishings, on the other hand, should have adopt a strategy of devising the best possible program for training and development of the employees for motivating the workforce to achieve the goals of best quality products (Ciconte & Jacob, 2008, p.22). A fair appraisal policy, such as a 360 degree feedback system, should be implemented in order to have a holistic and fair appraisal system (Hunt, 2005, p. 144). In addition to this, a balanced scorecard system should also be initiated so as to help evaluate the effectiveness of the HR strategies towards meeting their desired goals (Balanced Scorecard Institute, 2012).
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