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In the case study in question, the author has began with a presentation of the problem, an important aspect in any piece of work, as it serves to inform the reader about what to expect in the entire piece. She portrays TK going for a PCP check-up where occasional sinus drainage…
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Case Study Critique
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Case Study Critique Case Study Critique-Hypertension case study In the case study in question, the has began with a presentation of the problem, an important aspect in any piece of work, as it serves to inform the reader about what to expect in the entire piece. She portrays TK going for a PCP check-up where occasional sinus drainage has been detected. An indication of the risk factors that cause hypertension also allows the reader to be predisposed to the causative agents of the same. Notable examples include HTN x8 years, smoking, obesity cases, an increased intake of salt, and minimal exercises. The author also presents a case of a 61 year old who suffers from hypertension, with symptoms such as BP of 155/86, heart rate of 55, stage I HTN, and blood sugar indicative of diabetes. It is evident that his family has a history of smoking, obesity, HTN, hence high risks of increased cardiovascular problems.
Medications for the ailment and the appropriateness of this medication follow. The author is also very keen to give additional information on the infection that a person should look out for in case of symptoms and the outcomes of the therapy. This clearly shows that the author is well conversant with the topic under study. The author concludes by giving plan P that entails the recommendations and steps to follow in the case of a new medication.
However, I am actually concerned with the section of additional information. The author has stated points very briefly, and that may actually be confusing, especially the initials of terms such as UA, EKG, and ECHO among others – a person who knows nothing about hypertension may not comprehend them. I recommend the application of the work by Kunnamo (2005) for an improvement of the fact presentation. The author has, nonetheless, shown great knowledge in the presentation of outcomes of the treatment of hypertension.
Damas, Julie (2012).Case study on hypertension. Nursing 504 Advanced Pharmacology.
Kunnamo, I. (2005). Evidence-based medicine guidelines. New York: John Wiley and Sons. Read More
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