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2: Project Paper - Assignment Example

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Title: The characteristics of a Lady and a Gentleman Name: Tutor: Course: Date: A “well-rounded” person refers to a person who is physically well balance, well developed, and a person who possess varied abilities and attainments. A well-rounded person, just like the definition of a gentleman given hereafter, should be of noble birth…
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Assignment 2: Project Paper
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Download file to see previous pages A well-rounded person is supposed to execute an admirable personality, and should also portray a factual sense of self esteem (Sayre 2012). The issue of being well-rounded has particular attributes attached to it: Physically well-rounded – this is where the body is kept in perfect shape by active lifestyle activities; Mentally well-rounded – refers to being knowledgeable in various dimensions in life and also being reasonable in the way an individual relates to others; Emotionally well-rounded – having control over one’s emotions and remaining reasonable and grounded in spite of the conditions of the environment around them; Spiritually well-rounded – referring to a person’s moral standards and values that identifies them as good people and trustworthy (Meserole, & Frank 1965). The notion of being a gentleman or a lady is not much fascinating to the society in which we live today (Wood 1866). A man of gentle or noble birth is referred to as a gentleman as per the Webster dictionary online. More on this point, a gentleman is a man who belongs to the landed gentry. However, a gentleman can be far more than this according to different intellectuals. According to Earenyeka (2012), not all men of noble birth can be called gentlemen. This is because gentlemen have some specific qualities and characteristics that not all men can possess and this is typically what creates the difference between a man and a gentleman. This is not exceptional for ladies. Not all women are ladies for the same reason mention above. A woman who possesses a high level of appropriate and normally accepted behavior and who has good virtues is the one referred to as a “Lady” (Earenyeka 2012). He (Earenyeka) further adds that typically all females can be taken as women but not all women can be considered ladies due to the fact that some may not possess or may fail to execute characteristics that could make others see them as a lady. For instance, a man may be considered a gentleman if he is seen opening and holding a door for a lady to walk through or opening a tax door and letting the lady get in first and closing it behind her. Survey Respondent Age Gender Vocation Response Res.1 33 Male (M) Journalist A gentleman is somebody who is caring, one who doesn’t cheat, and one who takes total responsibility for his family. Res.2 28 Female (F) Lecturer A gentle man is somebody who is respectful and avoids using any abusive language to address his wife or girlfriend and to other people irrespective of their age and sex. Res.3 37 M Tutor A lady is one who is morally and spiritually upright, physically fit, respectful, and dependent. Res.4 22 M Chef A lady is somebody who respects his boyfriend of husband and pays attention to what he tells her to do. She also respects other and careful about her moral behaviors Res.5 28 F Teacher A gentleman is one who opens the car door for you and lets you get in first. He is also physically fit. Res.6 39 M Nurse A lady is somebody who has good moral behaviors and who is decisive and also respective. She dresses well, respects her husband and shows good example to others. Res.7 25 F Pilot A gentleman is somebody mentally mature, honest, and polite. He is considerate of both his feelings and yours and he cares about you. Res.8 44 M Manager A lady is somebody who is morally upright, considerate, mentally mature and respective to her husband and to others in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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