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1 Scope & WBS - Assignment Example

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Such green spaces promote safety by eliminating health hazards especially if the site is transformed from a dumping ground to a green space. The transformation here would make…
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Assignment 1 Scope & WBS
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Extract of sample "1 Scope & WBS"

Assignment Scope & WBS Affiliation INTRODUCTION Green spaces that are close to residential areas are known to enhancethe safety of the neighborhood. Such green spaces promote safety by eliminating health hazards especially if the site is transformed from a dumping ground to a green space. The transformation here would make neighbors to support as well as protect one another. The city has provided a land that is about the size of a city block, which has been used as a general dumping ground for many years. In deciding the best way to make the ground useful, it was important to engage the residents. This paper is essentially a document that entails the ideas obtained from the city residents regarding suggestion on the best way to create a green space in a low-income neighborhood. The paper presents a scope statement and a WBS for the project.
Project Objective
To create a green space, specifically a playground from an abandoned ground, the size of a city block. This site has been used as a general dumping ground for many years. The project cost is estimated at $200,000.
Land as provided by the city authorities
Information regarding the Project manager for the consulting company
Document and evidence of the land ownership
Information about the city authorities
Document showing a list of the city residents to contribute to the project
The milestones include:
Judgment on the site as a suitable for the green space – 2 days
Establishing the land owner – 1 day
Involving residents’ ideas and opinions – 1 week
The taking part of experts, in this case, the consulting company – 5 days
Funding the project after considering the project cost estimates – about 2 weeks
Designing the project – 2 weeks
Deciding on the course of maintaining the green space after the project completion – 2 days
Project initiation and promotion – 2 days
NOTE: The time allocated for each case here is based on rough estimates and is subjected to change during the actual project
The green space should be designed and developed in line with the city regulations on green spaces
They key objective should be the creation of a safe environment out of a site was environmentally unfriendly
The created ground should be safe enough for young children since they shall be the main users of the green space
The green space should not be in a position to encourage other social evils such as crime as assumed with many city spaces around the world. Instead, it should be open enough to promote security and protection among families within the neighborhood.
The green space will be developed in accordance with the final specifications and design provided by the consulting company under the approval of the city authority.
The project would be based on the original blueprint provided to the city authorities by the consulting company.
The design of the final decision on the use of the green space shall ensure that there are not possibilities of further social problems triggered by the site.
The site will also ensure that a green environment is maintained.
The project Review
The city authorities and local residents shall review the completed project.
In this paper, WBS is used in decomposing the green space project into much smaller components. In this case, it involves hierarchical as well as incremental decomposition of the green space project into phases. The end objective is used to start the WBS with a successive subdivision of the efforts required in achieving the project objectives. The WBS for the green space project is as shown in figure 1 below.
Figure 1: Work Breakdown Structure for the Green Space project
The key phases in the project are designing, funding, and maintenance. The government will mobilize the funding process from the funding organizations. The source of finances in this case includes funds from financial institutions, government taxes, and city revenues among others. The funding process is based on the budget planning, which is created from the cost estimates that are established from the project’s cost considerations. Regarding the design, it can be perfected by incorporating both residents, and experts’ ideas. The experts would base their design decisions on the previous land use, its location, and the ideas provided by the residents. Once the project is completed, it has to be maintained with the assistance from city authorities who would incorporate both volunteers from the local communities and permanent employees.
Green spaces form a safe environment for the local residents living around the transformed land. In the course of creating the green space, a WBS is essential since it provides guidance for the main project. From the WBS, it is essential to consider all the project requirements and levels as depicted in the project scope statement and the WBS. Focusing on all project requirements and phases would ensure that the green space is created as aspired. Read More
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Assignment 1 Scope & WBS Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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