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Show 'n Multimedia project presentation - Assignment Example

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The lesson aids the student to make a connection between curriculum and technology. The student will learn both the social, ethical, and human issues related to Mathematics. The students will also use technology…
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Show n Multimedia project presentation
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"Show 'n Multimedia project presentation"

Download file to see previous pages We apply Mathematical skills in our daily life. We also need to learn the concepts of Mathematics at earlier stages in order to conceptualize the Mathematics knowledge from an earlier stage of learning.
Carry out the Smart Notebook activities with the students. These activities will include: installing the smart notebook software and showing the students how to do the same, use the software to show the students how to solve mathematical problems involving Mathematical operations using the Math tools in the smart notebook such as protractor, dividers, rulers, compass, and squares. Show the students step by stem method of using smart notebook and let them repeat the exercise several times until they master the concept and understand how to apply smart notebook software with Math tools to handle Math problems. The students can then be divided into groups to learn the same smart notebook activities for practice.
The use of PowerPoint presentation is applicable in aiding visual understanding. For students with different special needs, the use of DI strategies such as balancing individual work and teamwork. Giving formative assignments to differentiate them, conduct mini-lessons within the lesson, differentiate them through the groups, give them a chance to speak and choose groups in class, and reflect on the setting of the lesson goals in order to make them master the content of the lesson. In addition, I will use UDL Principles in order to ascertain their mastery of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More


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