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This paper "Racial Discrimination" focuses on the fact that setting laws that conform to the natural laws and applied irrespective of religion, ethnic group or race is paramount to ending social injustice and racial discrimination problems. The underserved outcome relates to unfairness. …
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Download file to see previous pages Social justice is a significant element towards unifying the community. Presence of social justice ensures there is free will, right to be treated equally and freedom of choice. Injustice defines how society indifferences have been escalated because of the lack of dialogue and equitable distribution of the resource. Although injustice varies from culture to culture depending on people’s sense of social justice and human action, for example, neglect, misuses, and abuse require the application of the legal system (Bufacchi, 2012).
One of the preventive measures is the use of primary prevention. This is done to prevent the disorder from penetrating into the population. However, this requires early detection and proper intervention. Detecting the problem early present escalation and help in countering early signs. For example, if there is a possible rejection of a subsection of a population when accessing services. The negative energy created by social injustice and racial discrimination contributes to widening political differences. Ideally, politics takes most of the blame on the cases concerning racial hatred and social injustice. The politicians spread hate messages and incite the public against a particular ethnic group or race. The human understanding sees the solution only using violence which has fatal consequences (Solomos & Back, 1996). The view of social justice based on a political perspective is the distribution of rights equal to everyone in society. For instance, in the United States, citizens are governed by uniform laws; however, citizens do not enjoy or feel the justice of the law. People want a just nation where justice is not delayed or is biased based on one’s influence or social status in the society. The implication of flawed laws makes society unequal as social needs are violated. Social justice in American society has different necessities that need to be addressed. The necessities are attached to the person want hence easy escalates when different people shared the needs and feel they have been discriminated. A better approach in handling the social vices that led to social injustice and racial discrimination requires the political will. The political world is diverse and employs various strategies to achieve its agenda. Collective coordination between key players in the political sphere will help in ending social injustice. This will see the need to have a policy that ensures there is an equitable distribution of resource, employment is done based on the law and no other criterions other than merit and experience is used when employing citizens. The mechanisms to be used also should appreciate the cultural diversity hence no need of seeing other cultures as superior or inferior. People will be able to live in harmony and respect the space of their neighbour and follow the law (Solomos & Back, 1996).
Discrimination based on religion is a necessity in social justice. The religious segment is different from the political society given the different understanding of as “The idea of social injustice is pivotal to much contemporary moral and political philosophy.” The engaging account of social injustice depicts the ideal of social injustice that requires reprieve. If this is done, the social can be able to understand its duties without fearing to be discriminated or subjected to unnecessary embarrassment (Bufacchi, 2012).   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Racial Discrimination Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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