Kenneth Clark, Katharine Hepburm, Harvey Milk, and Fred korematsu, and all tried to create social change in areas of sexual or racial discrimination - Essay Example

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Hepburn claims that Grant does not suit her standards; this prompts from, the fact that, Grant is a drunk and underestimates Hepburn’s…
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Kenneth Clark, Katharine Hepburm, Harvey Milk, and Fred korematsu, and all tried to create social change in areas of sexual or racial discrimination
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Extract of sample "Kenneth Clark, Katharine Hepburm, Harvey Milk, and Fred korematsu, and all tried to create social change in areas of sexual or racial discrimination"

Creating Social Change- In Areas of Sexual or Racial Discrimination The problem Katharine Hepburn (Tracy Samantha Lord Have) in the movie Philadelphia appears as a socialite and divorced from C.K Dexter Haven (Cary Grant). Hepburn claims that Grant does not suit her standards; this prompts from, the fact that, Grant is a drunk and underestimates Hepburn’s strengths. Hepburn wants to get married to George Kittredge (John Howard) a nouvie riche individual. A spy magazine publisher Sidney Kidd (Henry Daniel) comes along with his reporters and photographer to cover the story. Kidd asks Dexter to permit them to cover the wedding. Though Tracy suspects their intentions, Dexter tries to capture Tracy’s attention with the innuendo laden story cover up that he claims Kidd covers. Although, Tracy Seth (John Holiday) and Margaret (Mary Nash) are divorced; Tracy feels that their family reputation must be protected (Cukor et al, 278).
The novel Milk written by Milk Harvey (Sean Penn) covers the difficulties that Milk; a gay activist has to contend. Harvey tries harder to get people to understand and appreciate the sexual preferences of gays in the community (Jinks et al, 212).
How did they try to solve the problem?
Kidd presents Dexter with an opportunity to get closer to Tracy. Dexter revealed that Kidd had an innuendo Laden cover up from her Tracy’s father Seth (John Holiday). Tracy’s family Margaret and Dinah (Virginia Weilder), Tracy’s sister, warmly; which disappoints Tracy. During her interaction with Mike, Tracy discovers the admirable qualities that he possesses (Nourmand & Graham, 256). Tracy finds herself wind up in confusion, between her ex-husband the Fiance and Mike, the reporter. To ease her mind, Tracy drinks for the second time in her entire life. She then resorts to a friendly swim with Mike. George gets to see the two, and he appears filled with Jealousy. Tracy uses the opportunity George presents, when confronting her of what he did the previous night, as an opportunity to break up with him on her wedding day. Mike proposes to marry Tracy, who declines in a nice way. When Dexter, her ex husband, asks for Tracy’s hand in marriage; she gladly gets accepts (Nourmand & Graham, 256).
On the other hand, Harvey, later on, in his quest to fight for the gay rights, receives appointment as a Supervisor in the San Francisco’s board, in the year 1977. Milk takes pride in being the first gay man assimilated in the public office, in America. This way he not only succeeds in materializing the gay rights, but also used the opportunity to fake relations with the political society; from political officials to the union workers. Harvey changed the perception of a true fighter as he fights for what he believes, as the rights of the gay community, prior to his death in 1978. He ends up losing close relations like Scott Smith, when they move to San Frasisco to secure and establish a peaceful for the gay society (Jinks et al, 346).
Did they succeed in their life times?
Tracy succeeded in her life time as she uses other people to get back with her husband. The parties involved to the re-union of Tracy and Dexter ends up devastated. George, for example, appears humiliated on his momentous day, while Tracy ends up happy with her re union with her husband (Cukor et al, 234).
On the other hand, Milk Succeeds in the quest for the rights of the gay community as, they ended up building a gay bar; which received critics from the neighboring Catholic community and diverges. Milk’s determination, to advocate for the rights of the gay society, turns out as a change agent in the political scene; where he is elected Supervisor for the newly sectioned District 5. He strategically utilizes his post to synchronize his hard work with that of a fresh elect supervisor, Dan white. At first, the two supervisors’ political agendas disagree, but later, their individual fates tragically converge. Milk’s desire for legacy to the gay society proves unwavering; as he dies trying to fulfill the legacy (Black, 345).
Today what method seems to have worked well? Why
Tracy’s method of re union could still have worked today; this comes from the fact that love triumphs all odds. On the other hand, the gay society in America has not yet received the publication they desire; because of the controversies going round, but plans seem underway. The United States government seeks to assimilate the practice into law. Some gay marriages still takes place in society (Nourmand & Graham, 188).
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