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West side story movies script analysis,comprising it with novel - Essay Example

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The original has taken its inspiration from the famous play of William Shakespeare, “Romeo and Juliet.” The movie stars Natalie Wood,…
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West side story movies script analysis,comprising it with novel
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, the movie earned 9 other Oscars for best supporting actors (male and female), best director, best cinematography, best art direction, best sound, best musical score, best editing, best costumes as well as a special award for best choreography (3). The film has received further accolades such as New York Film Critics Award for best picture, Grammy Award for best sound tract, Writers’ Guild Award of America for best written musical, New York Film Critics Circle Award for best film and the Golden Globe Award for best motion picture (3). Thus, the film can be seen as a highly successful venture in terms of its appeal to the common masses as well as the strong impression it has left on both critics and evaluators of the art of cinema.
The stage production of West Side Story has been premiered in Broadway during 1957, just four years before it has been adapted for the movie production in Hollywood in 1961. It is needless to mention that both forms of art differ drastically in many ways in their conventions as visual and performing arts. The most significant of such changes primarily reflect in the music composition of Bernstein, who has accurately considered different specific aspects to cater to movie format. The movie’s theme primarily encompasses the issues of immigration and gang conflicts in the US, which have been major social problems for the country for a long time. The movie has also been able to align Bernstein’s music and Robbins’ choreography so seamlessly into the plot as to enhance its intrigue and appeal rather than to distract from it. Another major consideration for the stage show has been orchestration of music scores for obvious reasons. It is needless to mention that stage shows limit the scope for using a wide range of instruments and often cannot permit on the spot corrections. On the other hand, movies ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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