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Screenplay/Movie Report of Monster's Ball(2001) - Essay Example

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The Differences Between the Movie Monster’s Ball and the Screenplay for Same The first scene that will be examined will be the scene where Sonny comforts Lawrence (25:32), because Lawrence knows that he is about to die. This is the context of the scene – Lawrence is breaking down…
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Screenplay/Movie Report of Monsters Ball(2001)
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Download file to see previous pages One possible reason why Hank is so harsh with Sonny is that Hank does not want Sonny to show weakness. Earlier in the movie, Hank chides Sonny for a mistake that he made, and he doesn’t want Sonny to bond with this man, because it might make him weak and more prone to mistakes. Another reason why Hank is harsh with Sonny is because of the overall domineering relationship that Hank has with Sonny. Hank is constantly shown berating Sonny, making Sonny always feel that he isn’t good enough. Whatever Sonny does, Hank berates him. So, the reason why Hank berates Sonny in this scene might just because he wants to continue showing his dominance over him. Another possible reason why Hank is harsh with Sonny in this scene is because Hank, in the beginning, was a racist. This was shown in Hank’s encounter with the black children that Sonny brought over to Hank’s property, and Hank scared them off with a shotgun. Any one of these might be the subtext of the scene. The way that the scene played out on screen is that Lawrence is breaking down, and Sonny is gently rubbing the condemned man’s arms through the bars. Hank tells Sonny, several times, to sit down. He says it in a commanding tone that borders on belligerent. Sonny ignores him the first few times that he ordered Sonny to sit down and leave the man alone. Then Sonny finally follows orders. In the screenplay, the scene played out differently. It is unclear, but it seems that, in the screenplay, Sonny is in the cell with Lawrence, as is Hank. This is because the screenplay says that Lawrence physically hugs Sonny. Moreover, Sonny does not overtly comfort Lawrence, aside from giving his shoulder a soft pat. The reason why it seems that Hank was also in the cell is because Hank sat Sonny down, and comforted him himself – patting Lawrence’s hands until Lawrence stops shaking. Hank only has to tell Sonny one time that Sonny needs to sit down before Sonny obeys. The way that the scene played out was more affecting than the way that it was written. This is because, in the movie, Sonny’s compassion for the man shows through. Even though Hank is berating him, over and over again, Sonny continues to comfort Lawrence, knowing that there would be hell to pay for disobeying his father. In the screenplay, this is less apparent – Sonny does little to comfort the man, and immediately sits down when his father asks him to. However, in the screenplay, Hank showed compassion, patting Lawrence’s hand. This does not come out in the movie, at all. At this point, in the movie, Hank seems like a heartless, racist bastard, and there are no actions that he takes at his point that belies this. In the screenplay, however, the compassion that he shows in later scenes is evident in this scene. If the movie played out in this way, it might have been less affecting – the whole point of the movie was to show the evolution of an unredemptive bastard. In the screenplay, this evolution would not be as complete. The other scene that will be examined will be the scene where Hank and Leticia first have sex (1:32). In the movie, the two are getting drunk on Jack Daniel’s whiskey. At some point, Leticia starts laughing hysterically about her son, who was just killed, and how fat he was – she used the term “fat.” Then, Leticia begs Hank to make her feel good, so she starts to take off her top, including her bra. She, in other words, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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