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Movie Review: The Matrix - Essay Example

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This paper aims at exploring in depth spectacle blur boundaries between man and machines. The movie contravenes vital movie genre such as cybernetics, biotechnology, ecological apocalypse and virtual consumptions.
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Movie Review: The Matrix
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Download file to see previous pages The setting of the movie takes place towards the end of 1999 before 21st Century. Matrix is perceived as the advent of technology and computer enigma. The movie starts with numerous images of numbers in a computer machine which certainly spreads all over the screen which later results to crushing of machine system. This movie employs a wide range of automatic weapons without leap of imaginations for the audience. The Matrix setting is based on future where it is believed man made artificial intelligence will take control of the earth hence take over the robotic army. Men are breed in vast nurseries and spend their entire live in vats where they are supplied food through tubes besides passing of waste products. Their brains are connected to neuro-interactive simulation called ‘matrix. The robots collect electricity to generate their bodies to keep human being under neuro-interactive docile.
Some of the elements employed in the film include audio visual style such as camera works, editing, sound and music to accompany the scenes.
Formal Perspective: Visual Style
According to Buckland (2009), visual style in The Matrix is drawn on the creator’s love for comic book and Japanese traditional animation besides reflecting resemblance with video culture games. Stylistic devices employed in this movie include form of framing and lighting to bring about emphasis of the violence. The organizers invested mostly on the choreography fight sequences with a clear bulk in the films and budget. As the movie plays on, fighting takes place on a speedy eighteen-wheeler truck, empty warehouses and subway stations and above the tall town buildings as Agent Smith and Neo fly. This movie has a variety of religious and philosophies with reference of dizzying varieties this kind of work conveys scientific fiction and action with large questions directed t human conditions with pure fantastic spectacles of entertainment. The technique of bullet time in the movie which makes this movie famous gives a vicarious visual thrill of omniscience to the audience thus enabling a stop time and see an event several points of view at once. The technique offers a deep feeling of power in the temporal world in the film industry as well as characters. From one point of view, the audience experience luxury of viewing phenomenal happenings in slow motion. The audience desire of watching this movie is developed through characters represented as fast and powerful fantastically rather than blinding audience with speed and feeling of control thus making them feel superpower on the other hand. Throughout trilogy, a sense of metaphor is displayed on the physical environment of the whole film. This is evident in repetitive insipidness of grid in Thomas Anderson‘s plain corporate office which symbolizes Matrix stifling control which visually shows Matrix latitudinal web like codes. This contributes to Neo’s end of matrix (Smith 1993). Communal nature of the city has been emphasized by the cylindrical Zion the dark sweep of machines in the movie depicts massive and strange removal of anything unexpected in the world currently. Nebuchadnezzar and strewn decks of the cold hall emphasized ragtag, crew undergo nature in building the ship besides repairing while on the move. The scenes at the movie, changes at a fainting pace hence making the movie seem as a world of shortcuts. Swooping of the camera is seen at all directions for example from the ground to the sky, through planes of glass and wall. This gives a clear capture and shooting of the movie in all dimensions. Through computer keystroke, audiences are able to see many guns at an instant. This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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