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Stereotypes of Racial Discrimination and Violence - Term Paper Example

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"Stereotypes of Racial Discrimination and Violence" paper is about the different characters depicted in movies, in particular, to influence people in such a way so that they easily relate real-life situations to whatever they have seen in the movie. The author has chosen the movie ‘Crash’. …
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Stereotypes of Racial Discrimination and Violence
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Extract of sample "Stereotypes of Racial Discrimination and Violence"

Download file to see previous pages Media is largely responsible for influencing their viewers or listeners in a variety of ways. It could be as simple as the viewer changing his/her hairstyle to copy the exact look of a celebrity seen on television or in magazines, but for others, media can take over their lives and influence them to think differently. Although not a box-office hit, Crash was given good reviews by critics and the movie even managed to win the Best Picture Award in 2005 at the Oscars (, 2008), including two nominations for two Golden Globe Awards ( This paper has analyzed the movie in the historical context, wherein it is discussed how different races have been perceived by different people for many years through the power and influence of media. Regarding audience perception, on the other hand, the paper would like to analyze how the audience saw the movie to be realistic and true to modern times. Journals by Ervin (1993), Gerbner & Gross (1976) and Monroe (2006) illustrate how Hollywood has reinforced stereotypes through film, especially when it comes to races and violence. A book by Shaheen (2008) has also described how traumatic the 9/11 tragedy was towards Arabs who had migrated to Western countries as they are instantly concluded to be terrorists just by how they look. Another journal by Brunette et al., (2008) was also used as one of this study’s primary sources in order to examine how stereotypes begin to form in an individual’s mind from childhood. Cartoons for instance, typically illustrate this fact. Peter Pan, a film released by Walt Disney portrayed Native Americans as savages who were not civilized by showing how they captured Wendy and her siblings as hostages (Brunette, et al., 2008) The movie, ‘Crash,’ is just the same, but it undoubtedly tackles more complex and more serious true-to-life incidences. A lot of beliefs adults develop stem from their childhood influences. When it comes to forming racial perspectives especially, children are influenced by what they see on television or other forms of media.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Stereotypes of Racial Discrimination and Violence Term Paper.
(Stereotypes of Racial Discrimination and Violence Term Paper)
Stereotypes of Racial Discrimination and Violence Term Paper.
“Stereotypes of Racial Discrimination and Violence Term Paper”.
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