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Advanced Construction Law - Essay Example

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In the paper “Advanced Construction Law” the author analyzes the law which deals with health & safety in the construction industry. A designer of   a construction project will have multifarious responsibilities. He has the duty follow the Code of Professional Conduct as prescribed by ARB and RIBA…
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Advanced Construction Law
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"Advanced Construction Law"

Download file to see previous pages A designer can be held liable for professional negligence in his duty if the design is considered to be poor quality, if he failed to manage the project properly, certifying for defective or unsuitable materials, indulging in the mismanagement of both contractors and the project costs, indulging in health and safety infringement, non-adherence of building regulations, and failing to get the appropriate permission for the project . One another law which deals with health & safety is the Control, of “Asbestos at Work (CAW) Regulations (2002)”. Some other regulation which is related to Health & Safety are as follows; a) “noise (Noise at Work Regulations 1989) , eyes (Protection of Eyes Regulation 1974), the use of asbestos (Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 1987) , the use of Lead (Control of Lead at Work Regulations 1987) , the control of substances hazardous to health ( Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1988) , the control of industrial major hazards (the Control of Industrial Major Accident Hazard Regulations 1984) “ .A designer of   a construction project will have multifarious responsibilities and roles. He has the duty follow the Code of Professional Conduct as prescribed by ARB and RIBA. He has the duty to offer the client with concise and clear advice about the design potential, estimated building cost, the necessity to get various statutory consents, likely time scale of project, project programming, and the necessity to appoint the services of the other professional specialists and consultants .Though a professional contractual commitment to his client only applicable to carry out his services with reasonable care and skill. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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