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The paper would look into the importance of stress management in law enforcement agencies with a focus on stress management techniques actually implemented in these organizations in contrast to other private companies to keep their employees’ performance up to the mark through effective stress management trainings and techniques…
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Stress Management in Law Enforcement
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The Objective of this paper is to look into the importance of stress management in the law enforcement organizations and focus on the implementation techniques by the law enforcement agencies in contrast to the private organizations for managing this menace for their employees’ performance.
Stress Management is quite generic topic which is wide spread over various professions. There is no profession or social activity in which stress is not produced. However there is an interaction among the people and there is a thinking capability of each person that distinguishes one from another, stress is there. Thus in order to approach the purpose of this paper, secondary research data is prominently used. There is a good material available online which needed to be carefully read and understood to extract the findings behind the main topic. Stress Management in law enforcement is interesting in the terms it has grown more important as the criminal activities around the globe are increasing nod thus more accountability surrounds the law enforcement personnel and police officers causing a state of mental stress. In order to find out the implementation activities by law enforcement agencies in order to train their staff to effectively cope up with the stress produced in their daily routine or in the cases of unpredictable incidents is studied through the journals and articles on this topic. As per Law Enforcement Stress Program, topics like anger management, self confidence, self esteem, performance stress; accountability handling and relationship building envelope the overall topic of stress management in law enforcement for which perception based strategies as well as action based strategies are employed. What is Stress? In any field, wherever there is a person to person contact, conflicts are the natural things to happen. People are reluctant to accept other’s opinions and the fact that every person is independent and different in terms of the perspective, he looks towards an issue creates conflicts. These conflicts are the primary reason of mental distress that we refer as stress. Stress keeps the person buy in unwanted distress of mental state and therefore it affects the capability of a person to focus or even think about a particular task. This advisedly affects the performance of a person in any activity he performs. This is also important to note that stress is not just an instantaneous state of the mind. Rather a mind can undergo stress that can affect the mental power and capability to focus for the lifetime. The state of stress keeps a person thinking about some particular issue with no direction and sometime even nothing is under focus but even then the mind is under stress. Mental stress does affect and propagates itself into physical stress too. Hence, a person under stress condition is unable to perform his or her tasks with a value addition input. There are various indications of persons who are under stress. However, these indications may differ from one person to another and also depend upon factors such as internal or external conditions. Some of these internal conditions are psychological pressure, cut-throat competition and incompetency issues. External conditions may be in the form of stressful conversations with colleagues, bosses, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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