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Critical Analysis for Issue/Crisis Management Case Study - Essay Example

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Many a times the businesses have to face crisis situation. How the people of the company react to the situation and the communication that takes place from the company’s end especially the senior…
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Critical Analysis for Issue/Crisis Management Case Study
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Download file to see previous pages So, a single wrong communication can have a severe damaging and far repelling impact on the future of the company. In the following pages the communication of the company that took place in the wake of the crisis of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 is analyzed. The flight crashed while attempting to land at San Francisco International Airport. The case addresses in particular the crisis communication effort that was undertaken by the company in communication with the key stakeholders of the company after the crash. The following essay accesses the social and traditional media communication in respect of the activities of Asiana in respect of the United States. The following essay analyzes the crisis communication that was undertaken by the company in respect of different theories in the field of crisis communication. The theories that are analyzed in the following pages are framing theory, Image repair strategy, Situation crisis communication theory, best practice theory and the impact of internet and social media.
Asiana airlines are one of the two major airlines of South Korea. The head quarter of the company is located in the Asiana building in Seoul. The airline is a member of the star alliance. On Jul6, 2013 flight 214 of the airlines was travelling from South Korea to San Francisco international airport carrying aboard 307 people when it crash landed in San Francisco international airport. The main stakeholders of the incident are passengers and families of the victims of the injured, NTSB, SFO, Boeing, employees of the company, crew members, government of the two countries etc. The following pages discusses the crisis communication by the company.
In dealing with the crisis and the communication that takes place from the part of the company in respect of the crisis that takes place on the part of the company several theories in respect of the crisis ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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