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Public Relations Crisis Management Plan - Essay Example

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Public Relations Crisis Management Plan Table of Contents Public Relations Crisis Management Plan 1 Table of Contents 2 Situation Analysis 4 Current Relevance 4 SWOT 4 Strengths 4 Weakness 5 Opportunities 5 Threats 5 Target Publics 5 Primary Publics 5 Secondary Publics 6 Research 6 Proposed Approaches 9 Elaboration-Likelihood Model 9 Persuasion Tactic 10 Influencing Public Opinion 10 Recommended Delivery Approaches 11 Tactics for Implementing Communications Strategies 11 Media Release 12 Headline- HYPOTHETICA TO PAY FOR ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE 12 Proposed Budget 13 Strategies to Monitor the Effectiveness of the Implementation 13 Concluding Thoughts 14 References 15 Situation Analysis Current Rel…
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Public Relations Crisis Management Plan
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Download file to see previous pages These calls for the need to ensure better inter organizational communication. Advancements in technology and the role of media have also assumed to be of significant importance to business organizations. The immense reach, popularity and the influence of media in shaping public opinion has augured the need for having a dedicated public relations department that seeks to leverage the media to shape a positive opinion and image of the firm in the minds of the customers. The role of the public relations department also assumes significance in areas of crisis management in organizations as they largely tend to act as medium of communication between the organization and the external world. SWOT Strengths The main strengths of the company include a strong brand image of the organization and a product portfolio that has an evergreen demand in the market. The company’s presence in a market like Australia also adds to its bouquet of strengths. Certain other strengths include a talented and motivated employee base along with sound financial strength of the organization. Weakness The major weakness arises in the aspect of the rising cost of fuel and raw materials and it’s over dependence on external suppliers for raw materials. Opportunities The rising disposable income and demand for products such as cars largely influence growth of prospects for Hypothetica oils. The surge in demand witnessed over the last few years with an optimistic future largely emerges as an area of opportunity. Opportunities also exist in the form of new markets like China that have high potential. Threats The threats to the company arise mainly from the high extent of competition in the Australian market. Presence of large number of competitors in the market leads to a situation where market share and profit margins have reduced significantly thus generating considerable threats for the organization’s profitability and sustainability. Target Publics Primary Publics The first step towards shaping a public relations strategy involves selecting the public’s to be targeted. Publics constitute a collection of a number of individuals that have a set of similar interests and value proposition with regards to a particular scenario (Millar & Heath, 2004, p.42). Primary publics constitute the individuals that a firm tries to generate influence. This largely consists of individuals whose thoughts largely help in ensuring profitability and sustainability for the business. In the case of Hypothetica oil the primary publics would consist of the customers of the organization and the common people at large who form a part of the social network of the company. This would also include the employees of the organization as it is largely important to have a positive image of the organization in the minds of the employees as it largely helps in inducing motivation which is very critical to the success and sustainability of an organization. Secondary Publics Secondary publics include members of target audience that have the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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