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This paper "Crisis Communication in Public Relations" focuses on the fact that crisis is such a situation which leads to undesirable negative outcomes for the organization (Coombs, 1999). It affects the organizations badly and leads to the worst situations. …
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Crisis Communication in Public Relations
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Download file to see previous pages Crisis Communication is considered as the sub speciality of the profession related to public relation designed for defending or protecting an organization from facing any kind of public challenge associated with its reputation (Greenberg and Elliott, 2009). The challenges may arise in the form of any criminal allegation, investigation or inquiry from the government agency, any sort of media inquiry, violation of rules and regulations associated with the environmental conditions etc. In today’s world of social media, it is certain that every company will face a crisis. The question is when the crisis is going to take place. The combined effort of millions of common people playing the role of ‘citizen journalists’ along with an infinite number of different online platforms guarantees the organizations that they would be victimized by someone, by means of spreading the damaging message, which is often rumoured. If somehow those rumours are found to be true then the companies can be put to defensive corner before they can gather relevant pieces of evidence in their own favour. When there is an emergency, then it becomes very important for organizations to communicate. If the business operations of the organizations get disrupted then the immediate reaction of the customers will be that they would enquire that what impact will this incident have on them. The regulators or government officials will feel the urgency to inquire about what is happening in their community. The employees would also get worried and try to seek information. 
Thus, the most important component in this situation is to prepare for the crisis communication plan, which would enable the organization to clearly communicate to the internal as well as external stakeholders. The organizations should be able to respond accurately, promptly and confidently in such a case of an emergency. The audiences must be reached by these organizations suffering due to crisis for satisfying them with the information that they require. The image and reputation of the organizations can have a positive or negative impact based on the public perception related to this crisis. Thus, in order to face this crisis situation and maintain its reputation, it becomes very important for the organizations to plan for an effective crisis communication strategy which would enable them to satisfy the customers, employees, and other stakeholders with sufficient justification for the incident. Understanding the audiences properly is very important for organizations suffering from a crisis situation. It helps in reaching these audiences with the most effective communication plan which would satisfy them. There exist many potential audiences who want information at the crisis situation and also after its occurrence. The main challenge that remains for the organization is identifying these potential audiences, determining their needs for the information, and then identifying whether the organization is able to communicate and explain to these audiences. The potential audiences for the organizations include customers; employees; news media; community; the management, investors, and directors of the company, government officials etc. The organizations find that public importance is highly significant with the advancement of technology and public access to all the information.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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