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Contribution of Public to a Company's Marketing And Sales Efforts - Essay Example

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Businesses are considered as positive force in any given society; therefore, their reputation holds strategic importance not only for firms but for society as well. This paper will attempt to discuss as to how firms can use their public relations to improve their sales and marketing during financial crisis…
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Contribution of Public to a Companys Marketing And Sales Efforts
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"Contribution of Public to a Company's Marketing And Sales Efforts"

Download file to see previous pages An overall theoretical emphasis of public relations is based upon two important and fundamental arguments. Firstly, it is suggested that public relations are a manipulation whereas some see public relations as the dissemination of information, as well as promoting understanding between public and organization. As such, PR is also the art and science of analyzing and predicting events and assessing their possible impact on the organization and other stakeholders involved in the process (Heath, 2001). It is also critical to note that communication is a relatively larger term which includes overall management of communication at the organization-wide level whereas public relation is considered as a narrow and focused use of communication between an organization and its public. It is therefore argued that senior managers of the organization should involve public relations managers in the overall decision-making process. This is because of the fact that public relation managers have to maintain external communication of the organization in a manner which can leave a positive impact on the organization. It is also suggested that the public relations managers must also develop open lines of communication with the managers in order to inform them about the possible consequences of the actions taken by the management (Smith, 2005). Public relations have been mostly associated with communication as described above; however, communication in this regard has to be a two-way communication. It is also related to the maintenance of mutual relationships between the public and the organization. Public relation is also considered as an intelligence function because PR managers...
This report approves that Public Relations as a discipline has evolved over the period of time as more and more variations were added to it. In its essence, Public Relations or PR is a function of organizational communication wherein a firm tends to communicate with its public. Over the period of time, the way firms approach PR has changed and the role of PR has further dramatically changed during the financial crisis. Many now argue that role of PR is more of that of an intelligence and analytic role to provide strategic insights to the higher management of the firm. PR managers therefore now need to properly and regularly communicate with the managers to inform them the strategic significance of PR related issues.
This paper makes a conclusion that in times of financial crisis, firms can increase their PR efforts by directly communicating with their target market. However, given the general sentiments about the firms, it is important that firms must accept the responsibility and become accountable for the crisis which has engulfed many developed countries. The use of social media can also be one of the key strategic assets available to PR managers to actually penetrate further into their target markets and develop one to one communication with their customers. Social media can also offer an opportunity to spread word of mouth hence PR managers need to design their strategies in a manner which can give them most exposure. A higher level of exposure can result in better marketing and improved sales for the firms. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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