Elevating Brand Values Through Corporate Social Responsibility in China A Study on Sporting Goods Companies - Essay Example

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Going against the traditional belief that a business should only concentrate on profit maximization, today companies are investing in CSR activities in…
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Elevating Brand Values Through Corporate Social Responsibility in China A Study on Sporting Goods Companies
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, advocators of CSR say that companies exhibiting social responsibilities can gain the trust of customers thereby increasing sales.
In China, the CSR activities are conducted more for serving the interests of the government than the consumers and therefore companies mostly focus on ethical issues that are initiated by the government. This paper is based on a survey conducted on 200 Chinese consumers and also representatives from Nike and Adidas to assess their perception on CSR activities of their companies. The survey result showed that although majority of people are aware of CSR activities, almost 65 percent of the respondents’ purchase decisions are not affected by a company’s CSR activities. In contrast, the company respondents generally felt that although CSR activities are necessary for positive responses from customers, only 22 percent of them felt that CSR activities are responsible for their companies’ success.
Corporate social responsibility is one of the main aspects that almost all the organizations in the world now focusing at. In its earlier stage, the performance of any organization was always measured by its overall business volume, its awareness among the people across the globe and by its innovativeness. But in modern age, along with the business performance, corporate social responsibility also plays an important role in creating value for the organization in the society. Moreover, different organizations across the globe now use CSR strategies as one of their branding and promotional activities to reach out to more consumers across the globe. The Cone Communications/Echo Global CSR Study organized by The Cone Communications, 2013, carried out a clear fact about the test to enterprises in present world’s continuously challenging and ever changing market place, and that is: the challenge of creating a “real and meaningful impact”. In modern world the question is not about engaging in Corporate ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Elevating Brand Values Through Corporate Social Responsibility in Essay)
Elevating Brand Values Through Corporate Social Responsibility in Essay. https://studentshare.org/journalism-communication/1647602-elevating-brand-values-through-corporate-social-responsibility-in-china-a-study-on-sporting-goods-companies.
“Elevating Brand Values Through Corporate Social Responsibility in Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/journalism-communication/1647602-elevating-brand-values-through-corporate-social-responsibility-in-china-a-study-on-sporting-goods-companies.
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