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Currently, it is important to have individuals who recognize the significance of complexities of communication across cultural and geographic boundaries. Intercultural communication aims to share information across social groups and different cultures (Baack, 2012, p27)…
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International and Intercultural Communication
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International and Intercultural Communication International and Intercultural Communication Currently, it is important to have individuals who recognize the significance of complexities of communication across cultural and geographic boundaries. Intercultural communication aims to share information across social groups and different cultures (Baack, 2012, p27). Hofstedes cultural dimensions help in the comparison between Albania and Angola in terms of their culture.
(Geert-Hofstede, 2015)
Similarity of Albania and Angola in terms of Hofstedes Cultural Dimensions
Power Distance
Power distance depicts the extent to which the less powerful individuals of organizations within a country expect that power is distributed inequitably (Luger, 2009, p.13). Albania is a hierarchical society. It has a high score of 90. It means that individuals accept hierarchical order in which everybody has a place, and there is no need of further justification. Angola too is a hierarchical society as it has a high score of 83. Therefore, there is similarity in power distance between Albania and Angola.
Individualism addresses the degree of interdependence a society upholds among its members (Geert-Hofstede, 2015). Albania is a collectivist society as it has a low score of 20. There is close commitment to family extended family, and extended relationships. There is loyalty, and everyone takes care for fellow members of their group. Offense results in shame and employee/employer relationships are held in moral terms. Angola too has a very low score of 18, therefore, a collectivist society.
Uncertainty Avoidance
Uncertainty avoidance portrays the extent to which members of a given culture feel jeopardized by unknown situations. Albania prefers avoiding uncertainties, and it has a high score of 70. Angola too has a relatively high score of 60 on uncertainty avoidance (Geert-Hofstede, 2015). They maintain rigid codes of behavior and belief and are intolerant of unknown behaviors and ideas. Rules are significant, and people have an inner urge to work hard.
Differences of Albania and Angola in terms of Hofstedes dimensions
Albania is a masculine society as it has a very high score of 80. Behavior in work, school, and play are based on shared values that individuals are the best in what they do. People are proud of their achievements and conflicts are resolved at individual level (Luger, 2009, p16). However, Angola is a feminine society as it has a low score of 20. Individuals value solidarity, quality in their working lives and conflicts are resolved by negotiation.
Long Term Orientation
Albania is pragmatic in nature and it has a high score of 61. Modern education is upheld as the way to prepare for the future. However, Angola is normative as it has very low score of 15. There is great respect for traditions (Geert-Hofstede, 2015).
Albania has a very low indulgence of 15. It is a restraint society because people have the ability to control their impulses. However, Angola is an indulgent country as it has a very high score of 83 (Geert-Hofstede, 2015). People are willing to satisfy their desires and impulses.
There should be demand for tolerance and understanding. The management should explain that the organization they are transacting with is part of them to enhance communication.
There should be layout of power hierarchy between the organizations to enhance effective dissemination of information from the juniors to the seniors.
Members of the organization should be taught to learn and understand the various cultures to enhance easy communication. Therefore, it will increase awareness of the cultures.
In masculine society, the management should provide organizational values to strengthen communication through resolution of conflicts. Therefore, there will be effective business and communication with organization in feminine country.
The management should enhance teamwork in a collective society to enhance good communication. In addition, the management should provide rewards to boost more individual work in an individualistic society.
Finally, rules should be initiated to enable the organizations avoid uncertainties or threats in the two cultures, therefore, enhancing easy communication.
Baack, D. (2012). Management communication. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.
Luger, E. (2009). Hofsteedes Cultural Dimensions. München, GRIN Verlag GmbH.
Geert-Hofstede. (2015). National Culture. Web. May 24, 2015. Retrieved from Read More
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