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In what ways isthe study of intercultural communication theory relevant to international students, or not - Essay Example

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Since, students are applying for different programs and courses in different countries. They will need to understand the cultures and languages of that specific state in order to build better relationships with others…
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In what ways isthe study of intercultural communication theory relevant to international students, or not
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"In what ways isthe study of intercultural communication theory relevant to international students, or not"

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It is important to first understand the concept of intercultural communication and its importance. Intercultural communication in the simplest terms is the exchange of information and ideas across different cultures and various social groups. Since, the world today is portrayed by a huge number of contacts between people often resulting in the communication between people with distinctly different culture backgrounds and linguistics. It is important to overlook the needs of communication, without any misunderstandings and collision across the cultures. The study of intercultural communication is significant for international students as it can help them to understand and recognize the nature of different linguistics, also it will help them to compare the similarities and differences between their and other’s cultures.
There are cultures and sub-cultures within a culture. Students staying or thinking to apply to other countries need to develop the importance of understanding of cultures and their languages. Students engage and communicate with other international students to up bring the best of relationships. Intercultural communication is becoming gradually more essential due to the rise of globalization and also with the rise of multi-cultural job environments. Not all students get to receive the positive welcome from the students of other universities. Students often face difficulties while applying aboard, in foreign countries. Thus, in today’s age, students of college level need an education that will provide them with a set of helpful skills such as, “communication skills” this process will allow the student to compete in an increasingly developing global market with gradually increasing educated population.
Social networking sites have played a vital role in promoting and fostering intercultural communication. Young generation use social networking sites for interaction and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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