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The Study of Intercultural Communication in the Business Community and Governmental Institutions - Literature review Example

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This paper presents a review of the literature describing findings and conclusion on the subject. The first section draws a brief review of the history of IC study followed by several theories that illustrate the range of ideas forwarded by the researchers…
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The Study of Intercultural Communication in the Business Community and Governmental Institutions
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Extract of sample "The Study of Intercultural Communication in the Business Community and Governmental Institutions"

Download file to see previous pages Literature relevant to the study provides a number of theories from various aspects. Major theories that focus on IC, give different views. For example, the crux of cultural convergence theory, anxiety/uncertainty management and effective group decision making theories mainly lie in the effective outcome. On the other hand communication accommodation theory, intercultural adaptation and co-cultural theory talk about accommodation or adaptation during the IC process. Apart from that, there are few more theories which are directed to identity negotiation or management, communication networks as well as acculturation and adjustment, etc. Evidently, with so many controversial and/or multi-dimensional theories, it has posed a challenge to the theorists across the world to incorporate an intercultural and international understanding and knowledge into the practices following the increased globalization. In order to analyse the IC theories that provide the most insight into understanding the dynamics of the event, it is necessary to refer a few key figures in the IC field. Edward Hall and Hofstede are the two anthologists whose theories – i.e. Hall’s HC & LC theory and Hofstede’s Cultural Dimension theory are largely taught in IC study. In addition, Gudykunst’s Anxiety / Uncertainty theory is also a part of the study. Hall describes three significant cultural differences which include time, context and space dimension. However, the author, adhering to the topic of this paper, shall only emphasize the Hall’s HC & LC theory. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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