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Marketing Name Institution affiliation Tutor Date Marketing Introduction Marketing has become the way to gain competitive advantage. In marketing, consumers dictate the success of a company. Marketing strategies are aimed at pleasing the demanding consumers…
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Institution Affiliation
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Marketing affiliation Marketing Introduction Marketing has become the way to gain competitive advantage. In marketing, consumers dictate the success of a company. Marketing strategies are aimed at pleasing the demanding consumers. According to Ferrell & Hartline (2010) marketing strategies target the intended market. They further say that the strategies are used for increasing the population of their consumers. In the modern marketing environment many factors have emerged which complicate the marketing strategies. The modern corporate environment is characterized by emerging issues, trends and technology. With the combination of the three, companies gain a more competitive advantage in the market. The consumer population is attracted with the most modern, advanced and attractive commodities (Rantanen, 2005). In the business of mobile phones, the scenario is the same. This paper will discuss the RIM’s marketing plan and the improvements the company can make on the basis of a general marketing analysis. Problem analysis Research In Motion deals with mobile phones and handsets. The company enjoys over 20 year’s existence in the market. However, the existence of the company in the market has taken shifts in the modern century corporate environment. The number of competitors is significantly increasing. It is for this reason that the future of RIM is questioned. With the coming of smaller firms in the market, RIM’s future is greatly threatened. For instance, the coming of Samsung in the market has greatly threatened the significance of RIM. Over the past two years, Samsung commodities have more demand in the market than I-phone and the Blackberry. Apart from demand, other companies are stepping up their marketing strategies. These factors are increasingly putting pressure on RIM to upgrade its marketing strategies. With the increase of consumer demand on mobile phones, RIM could be losing a lot of profits due to competition. Market analysis In the case analysis regarding mobile phones and telecommunication, competition lies as the main problem. Apart from the competitors, the consumer should be pleased with the product an organization offers. Competition in this industry is based on technology and trends. We live in a society where trends and technology is a basic want of all consumers. When it comes to mobile phones, the current consumer population looks at the technologically advanced features of a gadget. For instance, gadgets with the Android operating system have greater market recognition than phones which do not have this operating system (Ferrell & Hartline, 2010). Due to this, manufacturers and suppliers should consider the type of gadgets they release to the consumers. From the case study, there is also the issue of appropriate mobile service providers. If a phone manufacturing company has amazing commodities but has contracted a bad mobile service provider, the reception in the market will be poor. All these issues revolve around competing effectively with other companies. According to an argument by Rantanen (2005), competition in the market has changed since the days when an established company had a ready market. Emerging companies have the potential to have success in the crowded environment if they have an efficient marketing strategy (Ferrell & Hartline, 2010). Since last year, many mobile phones company have come up with new models of their products. The advancement of handsets has increased the level of competition in the market. In the year 2012, mobile manufacturer Samsung has released new models of phones in the market. New models of phones have more complex features. The complexity of these phones is what makes then attractive for the target market. The demand of phones since the last five years has escalated by about 50%. However, the demand for phones has come with other demand packages like internet connectivity. Recommendations to RIM On the basis of the analysis, certain recommendations are required for an effective marketing strategy. Firstly, RIM should consider the fact that the young people are the leading targets for mobile phones manufacturers. Due to this they should come up with phones with features pleasing to the young people. RMI should increase the efficiency in features like internet, easy access to social sites, the outward appearance of the phone and trendier social features like 3D displays. Research In Motion should also consider contracting with mobile service provider. In this way, the company will be assured of efficient service provision to its target market. With the rising competition, RIM should consider contracting with large consumer targets like institutions. This will create a large market for their products and promotion of their commodities. RIM is also facing the issue of pricing. Considering that the young are the source of the highest demand, RIM should have suitable prices for phones being released to this population. The pricing should be favorable to the large population of consumers, and in this case they are the young people (Rantanen, 2005). References Ferrell, O., & Hartline, M. (2010). Marketing strategy. London: Cengage Learning. Rantanen, T. (2005). The media and globalization. New York: SAGE. Read More
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