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Importance of Internal Relations - Case Study Example

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The relationship between the school and the community is a very vital point for the successful operations of the institution and their major concern is that they are inseparable. Neither of the two cannot be separated or operated without effective communication between the two…
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Importance of Internal Relations Case Study
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"Importance of Internal Relations"

Download file to see previous pages Generally it is the role of the school to form the best and most appropriate way of informing the public on their school system and the operations of the institution. The community which is part of the stakeholders has the massive role of bringing up and sustaining collaborative measures and means which lead to the success of the institutions and the eventual improvements of the institution. The result of the collaborative actions of the public and the school should yield students success and the improvement of the institution in all round perspective without compromising any aspect of an institution.
The administrator of an institution should have the knowledge and understanding of building of consensus effectively and negotiation techniques, effective and good communication skills, he should believe in values and have an inclusion of all the members of the community. Most importantly the administration should ensure that all the visions and missions of the institution are effectively and clearly communicated to the parents, students, staff and the community members .The vision of the institution should be developed with among the community members and all the stakeholders.
Generally the administrator is the head of the institution hence should nurture and promote the success of the learning process. This can be achieved through the advocating for effective learning mechanisms and friendly environment for the students and the staff to perform to their best potentials. Internal communication is very critical and determines the depiction of the staff and the students on how they perceive the ability of the institution to meet its goals and targets. Effective leads to the success of an institution due to the constant flow and sharing of information that will eventually lead to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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