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The paper “Importance of the Information Management System” focuses on the case scenario of Redfriars School and the security system that would be effective for handling the issues regarding the safety and protection of information. There are a number of people and/or staffs engaged with Redfriars School…
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Importance of the Information Management System
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Download file to see previous pages The case scenario reflects that the school requires managing diverse information relating to the attendance records, financial records, payments made by the school for a variety of purses including foods, occasional trips, and students’ examination marks among others. The information system of the school has a total of six Personal Computers (PCs) those are networked throughout the school. Besides, the information system of the school is also connected with a centrally located PC that further connects to the office of the head teacher. This report intends to discuss the cybersecurity filed and the effectiveness of the measures being implemented in order to protect the necessary and sensitive information. Besides, the essay also provides a brief discussion of the risk assessment technique and its effectiveness in rectifying the hazards that are likely to be faced by the school. Additionally, the risk treatments include the measurements that are implemented in order to ensure proper and protected information management system. Furthermore, a brief overview of the measures those would be taken in order to recover from the disaster associated with the hacking and/or stealing of information and training provided to facilitate the protection of the information system of the school.
Improvement in information technology has significantly influenced the overall growth of the educational sector. The purpose of the information system in the Redfriars School is to systematically manage the information base and positively contribute to the development of education. Additionally, an information system within the school and centrally connected mainly intends to collect the necessary information. However, in developing countries improvement of existing infrastructure still remains the most integral element of the public policy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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