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Information Systems in Business - Literature review Example

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This literature review "Information Systems in Business" discusses the importance of having databases that have privileged information in order to manage the various transactions that people carry out and consequently avoid fraud and also take care of the individual’s accounts in case they become victims of hacking. …
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Information Systems in Business
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Extract of sample "Information Systems in Business"

Download file to see previous pages These personnel ought to have the qualifications and ethical stature required for this responsibility and with an increase in under-qualified people, civilians feel threatened by the warehouses which are understandable (Ross, 2011, 62).
Data Warehouses are very important in the running of the business. Depending on the type of business that one intends to run, there are various sources that the data warehouse can get its data (Brown, 2011, 89). The type of business to major in this case is an alcohol manufacturing company. An example of a source is the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. This is an organization that majors in the identification of the labor market and the various traits that it exhibits. This is with regard to the notion that the area bears with regards to alcohol. Another example is the Census Bureau of the location where one identifies the types of people in the area in an effort to recognize the market intended. The type of people in the location might be young mothers and children which definitely offsets any plans of having huge profits in the alcohol industry. The assumptions to be made when introducing such a company is ensuring that the people in the industry are free drinkers and do not have a specific drinking time. This can come in as a vital factor in ensuring that even more sources due to a wider net of information availability.
The best decision support applications that can be incorporated in the running of the alcohol business is by cloud computing. There are different kinds of cloud computing and the incorporation of all of them in the company leads to a well-established data warehouse. Applications that are cloud-based are not easily acquired and thus the importance of getting a security system in the warehouse that can only enable several people to access the cloud (Resich, 2009, 46). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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