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Public presentation usually refers to the act or process of presenting a speech focused on the audience in a given manner in order to influence, warn, or entertain the audience. The purpose of the presentation may additionally aim at motivating the audience. Thus, a presentation…
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Public presentation through communication Public Presentation through Communication Introduction Public presentation usually refers to the act or process of presenting a speech focused on the audience in a given manner in order to influence, warn, or entertain the audience. The purpose of the presentation may additionally aim at motivating the audience. Thus, a presentation is a face-to-face talk between a person and a group of listeners. Public speaking dates back from time in memorial as practiced by the Greeks. For effective presentation, an orator ought to possess good communication skills in order to move the emotions of the audience all through the presentation. Public speaking can be a powerful tool to use for purposes such as motivation, influence, persuasion, or simply ethos.
Becoming good at public presentations entails a number of principles, that one needs to grasp. It is important to know that presentation goes hand in hand with communication skills. Good communication skills lead to a nice public presentation. One needs to put into practice some of the principles of effective communication skills if he or she has to come out as a good orator.
For an effective public presentation, one needs to plan effectively the presentation. Planning entail was writing down an objective statement of what one needs to achieve because of the presentation. The objective statement usually answers the question “who is my audience and what is the purpose of the talk.” Next, one needs to write down what he thinks he will tell the audience. It is crucial to note that public speaking not only share information but also move people’s minds and hearts and provokes them into changing their behavior. Additionally, research on the topic of discussion is also very important.
The second principle entails one overcoming his or her public speaking fear. Most people become nervous at the thought of standing before people and presenting a given speech. In America, for instance 43% of adults rank public speaking as a major block bringing about fear compared to death. Being bold during a public presentation enhances information flow and the way one influences the audience’s emotional balance. Overcoming this fear is a choice that one can decide to take. Confidence eventually leads to an improved public presentation.
Finally, it is crucial to note that a practice makes perfect. By so doing, one boosts his or her communication skills and the ability to stand before the public and offer a good presentation. Continuous repletion of something until it becomes second nature is important in ensuring that perfection is achieved. Hence, repetition of public presentation will eventually make an individual a good public speaker, with skills that can drive the audience’s emotions from sadness to happiness. Additionally, the orator affects greatly in the audience’s lives especially when giving a talk on moral and behavioral concerns.
Being a good public speaker involves having a positive attitude towards the presentation The orator needs to be free with the audience as this will ensure that the be audience enjoys his or her presentation. Additionally, it is crucial to add some tools to the presentation with an aim of grasping not only the audience’s attention but also affect their emotion.
Good public presentations ensures that information is relayed clearly to the audience and in case of entertainment; the audience enjoys the whole bit.
Duck, S., & McMahan, D. (2011). The Basics of Communication: A Relational Perspective. (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage. Read More
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