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Case study on public adminstration - PowerPoint Presentation Example

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As the president of Perhaps the largest non-governmental organization in the US, Healy was responsible for ensuring that there was…
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Case study on public adminstration
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Extract of sample "Case study on public adminstration"

Outline Case Relevance The case of Benadine Healy is important because it brings out key aspects of public administration that pertain to the provision of services. As the president of Perhaps the largest non-governmental organization in the US, Healy was responsible for ensuring that there was harmony and synchrony within the organization. An important consideration was to ensure that the organization had sufficient funding and that the funds were utilized appropriately and with transparency. Since Healy had many people working under her and she was also answerable to the board, she had to demonstrate leadership and the capacity to develop a team that would execute the mandate of the Red Cross. Finally, the case manages to outline the importance of government policies and politics in public administration and the role they play in ensuring success of an organization such as Red Cross
Basic Chronology
Red Cross was founded in 1881 by Clara Burton and the organization soon grew to become the largest non-governmental organization in the US. The leadership and management of the organization was of extreme importance that the organization became answerable to the US President. After 1989, very important things happened that drew the attention of professionals in the public administration. The organization enjoyed the administration under four major leaders and four temporary leaders. The leadership of Healy was particularly important. Healy took presidency in 1991 and during her administration the Red Cross had to deal with two important events; Hurricane Floyd and Tropical Storm Allison.” September 11 bombing of twin towers also occurred during Healy’s presidency. However, a combination of politics, poor leadership and lack of strategy saw the popularity of Healy diminish and she was forced to resign in 2001 after she fell out with the board.
Key Issues
The key issues that emerged from the case include the role played by leadership and management in public administration, the role played by politics in public administration and how leaders should execute government policies in ensuring the success of an organization. Read More
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