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Maynard Constructs A School Web Page - Case Study Example

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The case has an explanation of an approach that befits the students with a practical knowledge has that gives them technology that they are able to employ both in the school halls, at home and in the real life applications. The approach is practice based and full of high levels…
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Maynard Constructs A School Web Page Case Study
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Extract of sample "Maynard Constructs A School Web Page"

Maynard Constructs A School Web Page Insert Insert Maynard Constructs A School Web Page The case has an explanation of an approach that befits the students with a practical knowledge has that gives them technology that they are able to employ both in the school halls, at home and in the real life applications. The approach is practice based and full of high levels of knowledge that’s applicable in all the sectors of the community for the students either for the development of the academics or for life support skills that directly have positive impacts to the society.
The approach in the case is full of fresh thoughts and ideas of how the administration can develop new websites and technologically relevant platform for the communication with the participant community and the stakeholders under flexible and friendly circumstances. The effective and full implementation of this approach will ultimately lead to the improvement of the administration of the institution and the improvement of the general performance of the respective institution.
The case gives an in depth blend of how the approach combines tacit knowledge and a wealth of effective theoretical approach for the development of successful means of communication with entities both internal and external to the institution, means of building and maintaining stable relationship with the political and social capital and the best means of translating the above stated values into positive changes in the school set up and for the purpose of development and improvement(Kowalski, 2004).
Through the exploration of the above themes the case looks into how the development of new and effective technologies can help in the success of an institution. The study has comprehensively factored in issues that affect the real world and ensured that for the development of a successful module in the institutions, the best practicable approach and technology has to be applied.
In conclusion, the case has ensured that there is the need of harnessing technology to meet the needs of the public and the comprehensive factoring in of collection of data, public opinions and regular assessments.
Kowalski, T. (2004). Public relations in Schools (5th ed.). Boston: Prentice Hall. Read More
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