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Poor Communication Between Doctors and Nurses - Speech or Presentation Example

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Poor communication between doctors and nurses Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Poor communication between doctors and nurses Introduction Proper communication is vital in any work place. Good communication between doctors and nurses is fundamental because they have the same goal of healing the sick individuals…
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Poor Communication Between Doctors and Nurses
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Download file to see previous pages Many patients die because some nurses fail to pass some important information about the patients to the doctors. Therefore, effective communication between nurses and doctors should be encouraged to promote positive patients’ outcomes. Purpose The program’s purpose is to promote effective communication between doctors and nurses in hospitals. Additionally, the project aims to reduce the negative effects of poor communication between doctors and nurses by creating awareness. It would be fundamental for the program to state the aspects that constitute appropriate communication within the hospital surroundings. Target population The target populations for this program are the board and the health leaders within the broader care system. Additionally, the program targets doctors and nurses in all the hospitals. I would also be fundamental to include patients because their response is crucial. Benefits of the program The programs will benefit the nurses, doctors, and patients. Effective communication between nurses and doctors improves the relationship between the two professional groups, which in turn enhances job satisfaction and productivity (Gordon, Buchanan & Bretherton, 2008). Most nurses complain about their poor relationship with doctors. Researches show that most nurses never get job fulfillment because of their poor relationship with doctors. The nurses feel inferior in the work places because they experience social stigma. This is because doctors are considered more important that nurses and they should be the ones making the final decisions (Coombs, 2004). Additionally, proper communication between nurses and doctors will help in reducing patients’ deaths in hospitals. Lack of communication increases the occurrences of medical errors in hospitals causing unexpected patients’ deaths (Gordon, Buchanan & Bretherton, 2008). Researches prove that medical errors are among the five major causes of deaths in the country. Approximately 98,000 patients die in the US because of the medical inaccuracies that result from poor communication (Rosenstein & O’Daniel, 2009). Nurses do not usually participate in decision-making processes in most hospitals. This makes nurses to assume that the doctors comprehend everything and they fail to give the doctors some vital information, which they do not know about the patients. This leads to giving of wrong prescriptions, which worsen the patients’ conditions. Nurses are always the closest individuals to the patients compared to all other healthcare team members. Therefore, they always have better assessments of the patients’ needs. However, they are always reluctant to share their observations and assessment results due to poor communication systems in hospitals. Therefore, the program will help in upgrading the health care systems in hospitals by improving communication (Coombs, 2004). The projects will also help in lessening the shortages of nurses. Researches show that for last five year, the numbers of nurses has been declining (Gordon, Buchanan & Bretherton, 2008). This has resulted into a shortage of nurses in many countries. This is because they are treated as inferior individuals in the work places. Consequently, most people prefer being doctors because they are accorded additional value than nurses are. Improving communication between doctors and nurses will make the nurses to feel worthy, and many people will be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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